Japanese OL Dressing Skills Revealed! 7 days a week, cute and light mature style

From junior high school to graduation, Japanese girls wear sophisticated clothes and go out of fashion with age. Japanese girls believe that clothes can reflect a person's intentions and personal charm, as well as their attitude to life. And today I will focus on introducing Japanese outfits in which Japanese OLs can show professionalism at work, attend girls' after work parties beautifully, and even get praise from other party on a date!

The most common clothing for Japanese OLs is white shirts and long skirts, but there are hundreds of ways to match Japanese OLs. After all, communication outside of work is also very important for Japanese OLs. Japanese girls often have parties after work, so it won't be too formal, and cute and lovely Japanese OLs should choose soft pink dresses!

There is no collar and no buttons, if these two elements are excluded, it will not look too formal. So if you want to wear it every day during elections, you can avoid those moments and it's more in line with Japanese. style casual wear.

Japanese outfits for Japanese girls - accessories

A jacket and skirt in a light color. For a general look, it is recommended to combine a delicate ice cream color with a bag. Even if color is not on body, it will not look sharp.

Offices in Japan are mostly gray and white. According to research, pink can make people more tender. Japanese office workers can achieve this effect by adding a touch of pink to their clothes.

Japanese outfits for Japanese girls - accessories

For most part, Japanese office workers can wear not-too-fancy earrings and necklaces in everyday life. Small pendants and small necklaces are more discreet and suit Japanese office women.

Dangling earrings are actually a trick to be careful. There is a legend that if earrings shake, they attract attention. It's also a little secret that Japanese OLs wear.

Japanese girl outfit OL ②-Japanese little flower

Small flowers decorated at waist, it is more stable to choose a dark color for a dress. Japanese OLs are especially fond of long skirts, and their elegance is off table.

Wear it with same dark dress and weather will get even hotter. A pair of dark brown platform sandals is a savvy choice for a girly after-work party.

Japanese outfits for Japanese girls - accessories

Why do Japanese OLs wear such eye-catching and iconic outfits? A very important link is not only clothes and shoes, but all accessories are very important.

In Japan, this movement is considered one of most attractive, and there is nothing better than movement behind ears! One-piece hairpin opens side, which may indicate professionalism in work.

Japanese outfits for Japanese girls - accessories

Choose large and beautiful conical hair clips for your hairpin, and they will look great in profile photos These hair clips are quite popular in Japan! You can say that this is a must-have style for all Japanese girls!

Small diamond pendants are quite elegant, because combination with a floral dress is already accent of this outfit. Choose a more discreet style on necklace so as not to be too dazzling.

Japanese girls' outfits ③ - Elegant nude color scheme

The most popular and favorite color system for Japanese girls is by far nude color system! This kind of earth tone is a favorite of Japanese OL.

A nude dress with suspenders as a base, a white lace short-sleeved top and shoes of same color, whether it's a PR woman going to work or going for a cup of coffee and cakes in the afternoon. tea time, it is quite suitable grace.

Japanese girls outfits OL - accessories

A very delicate point of Japanese OL is that hair is definitely not just tied up in a ponytail, but earrings, hairpins, etc. are all same color as main color of clothes.

In addition, Japanese OLs will use different materials to create layers when they encounter same color system or when two colors are very close.

Similar to image of Japanese girls, garter dress is made of a slightly glossy material, and white lace is combined with matte beige. This is also main focus of Japanese OL in clothes!

Japanese outfits for Japanese girls - accessories

Why are champagne gold earrings so pretty? This also applies to Japanese dressing skills. Looking at matte surface of skin, earrings on mirror surface are brighter, but same color as color of outfit is not too striking, and sweetness is just right.

The hairpin is that before Japanese OL gets to work, although perfect alignment is very important, speed is also very important! The secret of not too monotonous outfits of Japanese girls with ponytails is that they put on hair clips, here hair clips with small beige pearls go very well with color of outfit.

In recent years, watches have gradually evolved from a business must-have to a stylish must-have! In same color as earrings, watch chain in same metal material looks more elegant and professional.

The hair of Japanese girls is not just a ponytail! After you tie ponytail, you can also pull topknot around hair tie for better shaping. In addition, hair above ponytail should also be pulled out to make it look more natural.

Japanese girl's OL outfit ④ - summer flower skirt

Although it's still a long way to Zhengxia, heat has subsided a bit, and it's time for Xiao Suihua to appear! The skirt is a long black skirt with white flowers on a black background, and upper body is an irregular vest.

It will still be a little chilly, with a white lace blouse outside, and an overhanging coat looks refreshing.

Japanese girls outfits OL - accessories

The most important thing about Japanese OLs is that they can go to work without exaggerating too much, while still maintaining elegance.

The necklace is made from Swarovski Heartbeat series. The small diamond in middle is loose, it will vibrate up and down as you move, like a sparkling diamond!

Japanese girls outfit ⑤ - spring and summer sunscreen

In cool spring and summer weather, it is even better to wear thin long sleeves, sleeve design of this model is even more cute with embroidered patterns. The mid-length skirt in flesh tones only covers knees to make legs look longer.

Japanese girls outfits OL - accessories

First of all, I want to say that Japanese girls will wear thick-soled sandals and wear socks. If you accidentally put on wrinkled socks and sandals, your legs will look thinner. Low front and high back, and word shape on ankle is very cute. She looks good both at work and outside of it.

Japanese girl OL outfit ⑥ - refreshing white and tannin

One of most casual outfits of Japanese OL, a white top with wide trousers. There are also many color options for wide leg pants and tannin will be lighter than other colors.

The design on back of clothes is quite nice. There is a bit of an open back, but not too much, and there is a Y-shaped smile stripe.

Japanese girls outfits OL - accessories

Bucket bags and straw bags are a must-have for spring and summer in Japan. The straps can also be freely adjusted, also in large bags and shoulder bags. If you don't need to bring an A4 bag to work, we recommend this casual and cute bag.

Japanese girl outfit OL⑦-sleeveless lace

Such lacy vests are very popular among Japanese OL. The design of vest on sleeves is more like short sleeves and has effect of thin arms. Put it on with a medium-length heavy skirt, which is also dark in color and looks more professional. You can be a beautiful Japanese OL at work, and you can go to a party right after work.

Japanese girls outfits OL - accessories

Because upper torso and skirt are done in dark colors, earrings are made from simple dangling round shapes, and metallic material is slightly embellished for whole outfit so as not to look too gloomy!