2021 Korean style sandals to wear key points! Formula of style and outfit, I'll tell you everything

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and summer in sandals is coming! Continuing from last year, in summer of 2021, Korean-style sandals, thin strap sandals, and sports sandals are very popular this year! If you are planning to buy sandals or want to wear a fresh and fabulous Korean style, you should read this article carefully because it will definitely help you choose most suitable Korean sandal style and style. !

In sandals with one word

1. Featured Style: Strappy Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: strappy thin flat sandals + earthy dress + small blouse coat + nail painting

The striped flat sandals have to be most comfortable and versatile shoe in sandal world! The simple and thin belt has a delicate little sister vibe; Durable and easy to walk on, flat bottom is a style that can be used for work, class, and shopping parties! Recommended single word strap Korean style flat sandals can be matched with same color as photo; especially after wearing a skirt, they can be paired with a casual but elegant dress rather than a casual look, and with friends who like finger painting in the summer, this simple style can highlight your fingers even more!

2. Featured style: high heel sandals with thin straps

Sandal formula: strappy high-heeled sandals + skinny jeans + thin knit top

After looking at flats, let's look at an upgraded version of high heel sandals! Compared to flat front, thin strap sandals with a small heel are more feminine and easier to show off when wearing Korean-style sandals! A pair of skinny or small straight pants with open ankles plus a thin knitted top - this is exactly Korean little sister on IG! By way, when it comes to choosing sandals, thinner straps, better texture of Korean girl, especially straps near ankles, boys will stare at your ankles too!

3. Featured Style: Single Word Wide Stripe Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: one word wide flat sandals + light cotton linen dress + clutch

Flat sandals with a one-word-wide strap also ensure comfortable wearing and walking! If you don't like two thick wide bands hanging out there, you can opt for these one-piece wide band sandals, and by way, you can also use sunscreen! And such wide flat sandals really go with western wear. They are refreshing and have a strong summer style, so they are also one of first choices Korean girls choose to wear sandals! Summer in Taiwan is quite stuffy, apart from western wear, it goes well with denim shorts, it's a versatile style anyway!

4. Featured style: High-heeled sandals with wide webbing

Sandal formula: wide strap high-heeled sandals + pants + jacket

Korean wide strap high heel sandals are especially suitable for office workers or those who need to attend important events! Since tailoring is very neat and there are not too many lines, in combination with trousers it is really beautiful and sexy! Of course, high-heeled sandals with one wide word stripe are also very suitable for western wear. As long as you wear a jacket outside, you can bring out momentum and simple Korean style! The fact is that there are not so many open areas on rise, and wearing it to work, meeting customers is not rude!

Cross-strap sandals that can be worn

5. Featured Style: Cross Strap Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: flat cross-strap sandals + cotton trousers + top of same color

You still need to wear same color in summer! Brown flat sandals with cross straps, matching with whole body in earth tones, really Korean and beautiful, with a full sense of whole! Thin cross straps can also change instep. Whether it is a wide meaty foot or a narrow skinny foot, basically everyone will stay on cross straps at a glance, and vision will also be with lengthening of strap, even flat shoes will not be boring! If you want to change instep, a cross strap will be more suitable than a word strap!

6. Featured Style: Cross-Strap High Heel Sandals

Sandal formula: high-heeled cross-strap sandals + floral skirt + shirt

High heeled sandals with criss-cross straps are great for dates (because you don't have to walk too much)! Using intersection of thin lines can accentuate beautiful curvature of instep, and thin ankle strap looks so sexy! And if it is matched with short skirts with floral print or geometric pattern, it will be a cute sexy style. Not only can it have a lively and beautiful atmosphere of flowers, but also delicate femininity of high heel sandals. It is truly Korean style when mixed together! Then thing is, if you want to feel cool and beautiful at same time, then it is recommended to wear a shirt on your upper body. All kinds of atmosphere that girls want to have can be satisfied together!

7. Featured Style: Wide Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: wide flat sandals + pants + casual shirt

The same sandals with cross straps, thin straps and wide straps, styles of these two are completely different! Thin straps are more delicate, and wide ones are everyday! Basically, wide-band sandals have enough coverage. When you need to walk for a long time, wide-band sandals will be more suitable, but also due to relationship between wide-band, if you don't want to be too casual, you can try matching shirts and pants, which will be more wayward Feel! Or put on a linen dress like a Korean girl (slide back in photo), which can show zero-distance feeling of girl next door!

8. Featured Style: Cross-Strap High Heel Sandals

Sandal formula: high-heeled crossover sandals + denim pants + white top

For same series of cross belts, difference between thin belts and wide belts lies in wrapping properties, and wrapping properties also affect wear resistance at same time! If you feel insecure in crisscross strappy high heel sandals, you can opt for wide bands instead! Since front of instep is tightly wrapped, foot will not rush forward all time when walking! As for wearing sandals, a simple white top like a Korean girl paired with jeans is also very refreshing, or like last photos, paired with a short skirt, a little sexy, very suitable for dates!

Mesh sandals that can be worn

9. Featured Style: Mesh Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: mesh leather sandals + wide leg pants of same color + canvas bag

Mesh sandals are also a favorite style of Korean girls! Because Korean styles emphasize simplicity, a set of mesh sandals can immediately become a full-body highlight without putting in too much mental effort! Mesh sandals have open toes or closed toes, which you can choose according to your personal preference! Just remember, more complex and bizarre weaving pattern, more simple upper body should be, and as for color combination, it can also overlap with sandals, so overall outfit will be more harmonious! In addition, a simple canvas bag also goes well with Korean mesh sandals!

10. Featured Style: Mesh Rubber Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: mesh rubber sandals + slim plaid pants + t-shirt

Rubber mesh sandals are actually more suitable to wear in Taiwan where it rains a lot than in Korea! Because of rubber material, it can be worn during typhoon without any problem, and there is no need to worry about sandal material being damaged, and there will be no embarrassment from laughing! However, due to material of rubber, if it is not well matched, it will be too casual and casual, so if you want to take Korean route, you can choose plaid pants in same color as Korean girl, which will weaken sense of relaxation and increase feeling of coolness, which is really very attractive! As for top, it's not too flashy because focus was on lower body!

sports sandals

11. Featured Style: Sports Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: sports sandals + socks + dress

Sporty sandals that are easy to wear and walk are still very popular this summer! In addition to basic sports and leisure dresses, Korean girls also love to use sports sandals to mix and match floral print dresses to show off a sweet and sporty style! Since flower dress has many colors, you can find a pair of socks of same color and then wear sports sandals, it will not be awkward! The fact is that socks and other accessories such as bags or hats can be color-matched to floral pattern or very similar, then you can complete Korean style with clean and simple sports sandals!

12. Featured Style: Sports Platform Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: sports sandals + socks + fisherman's hat

This kind of street sports sandal is suitable for wearing in black or white! If it is white, it can fully show a pure and cool feeling; black is more stylish and cool sport and leisure! And it's easy to pick it up, a loose T-shirt, wide leg pants and a fisherman's hat can complete it! If you want to go a more Korean route, then try pairing a white top with light blue jeans, and pair a black top with black wide leg pants for a stronger full body consistency!

Wearable wedge/platform sandals

13. Featured Style: Wedge Sandals

Sandal formula: wedge sandals + short skirt + chiffon top

When it comes to wedge sandals, first thing everyone thinks is that they are easy to wear and can elongate proportions, right? But in fact, there is another advantage, that is, when wedge sandals go, calf muscles are not same as in high heels, and it takes a lot of muscle strength, so radish will not end so obviously, so when wearing a short skirt, sandals on wedge is a good choice! And compared with strong sense of high heels, wedge sandals show a stronger sense of intimacy, no matter skirts or pants, they can also create a more sweet temperament!

14. Featured Style: Platform Sandals

Sandal formula: thick-soled sandals + flared trousers + vest

It's also a thick-soled sandal that increases height and is easy to wear. In recent years, they are also very popular among Korean girls! In addition to basic black, brown, etc., floral, totem and other styles can make some changes to your summer outfits! Light-colored flared trousers or a long white dress are very suitable to set off color of sandals! As long as you understand clear and simple upper body rules, you can pair these patterned platform sandals in a very Korean style! Especially when you go to beach paired with a cool vest, it really creates atmosphere of a trip abroad on vacation!

Straw sandals that can be worn

15. Featured Style: Straw Flat Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: Straw flat sandals + long dress + straw hat

Summer straw sandals are very seasonal and have a festive feel to them too! Many people will choose this basic type of cross straps with long dresses or trousers in cotton and linen, highlighting overall consistency! And most of straw sandals will use elastic bands to adjust size, so you are not afraid that sandal straps will come loose after wearing for a long time! Straw woven sandals are beautiful and comfortable to wear, but there is a small minus, that is, wicker part at bottom, try not to touch water, otherwise option will fall apart easily!

16. Featured Style: Straw Platform Sandals

Sandal wearing formula: straw platform sandals + costume + small accessories

In addition to flat sandals mentioned above, there are also chunky sandals! If you want to create a style different from vacation, you can try a suit! A suit will give a slightly formal look, and if you ditch leather shoes and wear straw platform sandals, you can combine it with a little formality, but with a bit of casual and laid-back urban style! Then there is a little secret, that is, choice of costume can be mostly in earth tones, so that it is very similar to color of straw sandals, and also gives people feeling of "really good at wearing it"!

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