Cecilia Cheng's tulle and Ying Er's ultra-low cut are competing in same field! Nothing compares to "her" full of aura

Actress Cecilia Cheung recently became popular again thanks to a talent show. On evening of 27th, she was invited to take part in a fashion magazine event. She debuted in a fiery red tulle dress. The field is more beautiful! Unexpectedly, "predecessor" Karina Lau appeared in a deep V-neck black dress with super gorgeous jewelry on top. Super aura with full signs of extravagance, even netizens couldn't help but praise "Ginger is old and spicy"!

On evening of 27th, Chinese edition of fashion magazine InStyle held a beauty event. Many popular actresses were invited to stage, including Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung, who recently became popular thanks to show, wearing a red Valentino tulle dress adorned with DJULA jewelry, not to mention a show full of fairy tale spirit and a look around gesture back made fans praise him so charming!

In contrast to Cecilia Cheung's fiery aura, Ying Er, actress who played role of Yi Zhang Hong in The Legend of Zhen Huang, opted for a snow-white, deep-cut evening dress embroidered with sequins and rhinestones. Elegant and romantic, she was set off by a dress from Israeli brand Lee Petra Grebenau, actress Zhang Tianai, who became popular thanks to “Princess Encouragement”, chose a white dress with a bow, large breasts and high slits, which was sexy and spectacular. catch.

However, among actresses, which of them is more beautiful has yet to be determined. I saw a large older Karina Lau appearing in a black dress with a deep V-neck. The aura is enough to compare all "little sisters". Said she also wore classic Serpenti necklace by top jewelry brand Bulgari to enter stage, and her gestures are full of extravagance!

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