Avoid stains! 5 summer sunscreen tips to keep your skin clear and hydrated

Coming into summer, heat, heat and strong sun make girls complain endlessly! If you are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time and do not take care of sun protection, you will burn easily, even tan or develop spots, and when spots form, you will want to cry without tears! Sunscreen every day, but are you doing right thing with sunscreen? Please pay attention to following sunscreen tips!

Choose right sunscreen - know SPF and PA!

I often see two sets of letters SPF and PA printed on many sunscreens. What do they stand for? Girls must remember "SPF sunscreen, PA sunscreen"! SPF can block "UVB" to prevent sunburn and redness, but cannot prevent sunburn. PA value can effectively protect against "UVA" and prevent skin aging. The protective power of PA+ is 2 to 4 hours, protective power of PA++ is 4 to 8 hours, and protective power of PA+++ is more than 8 hours. Therefore, even if you buy SPF50, but it is PA +, you will still burn in three to four hours! And remember not to forget some dead spots like lips, ears, neck and hairline!

Avoid activities at times when ultraviolet rays are strongest.

Many girls go out immediately after applying sunscreen, but in fact, many sunscreens should be absorbed into body 20-30 minutes after application, and effect may appear only after they are absorbed by body. 1 coin repels mosquitoes, and sunscreen is size of a soybean grain, so don't use it sparingly! Daily from 23:00 to 15:00 strongest period of ultraviolet rays, even if you use sunscreen, do not stay in sun for a long time at this time!

Don't underestimate dangers of blue light

We always think that sun protection is only necessary when we're outdoors, but truth is, whether it's outdoors or indoors, we still need to get enough sun protection! In office, you spend more time in front of electronic devices than in front of sunlight. The blue light released in it can penetrate epidermis and accelerate skin aging, wrinkles and sagging. In addition to remembering to wear sunscreen, we can lower brightness of electronic screens to reduce blue light; avoid using electronic products in dark, because frequency and energy of flickering light is more deadly!

You can not ignore after-sun care

If you've just gone outside, what's first thing you do when you get home? Instead of just drinking a glass of ice water and enjoying air conditioning, you should immediately look for sunburn relief products at home! 72 hours after sun exposure is golden recovery period. Skin becomes brittle after exposure to UV rays. It needs to cool down, calm down, replenish water and moisturize, and then use anti-inflammatory after-sun repair products. . Skin that has just been sunburned is relatively fragile, so don't use irritating skincare products for next few days and use bleaching products after the skin is stable!

Drink more tomato juice, lemonade

Tomatoes are among top ten superfoods in world. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which effectively reduces formation of melanin and eliminates dark spots. Tomatoes have a beauty and whitening effect. Drinking a cup of tomato juice at night is good for preventing freckles.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and a highly concentrated fruit acid that whitens skin, removes blemishes and prevents aging. Every 100 grams of lemon juice contains 50 mg of vitamin C! Regular consumption of lemon juice can not only make skin white and tender, but also prevent aging of skin vessels!

Whitening and sun protection is a profession of a lifetime for girls, just like losing weight! Let's take good care of sun protection from inside, and we will easily say goodbye to troubles of stains!