Luxury watch terms you need to know to understand luxury watches

Whether you're a long-time fan of luxury watches or just entering market, you should also know that there are countless watch brands, styles and features. The terminology of luxury watches seems endless, like sand of Ganges, and it can make you feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed. So, as experts in field of luxury watches, we have compiled a detailed introduction to terminology of luxury watches. From luxury watch parts to appearance style, mechanism type and other knowledge, we will offer you one by one. Read on to master terminology of luxury watches.

Luxury watch terms you need to know to understand luxury watches
watch parts

A Prestige watch is made up of hundreds of parts to ensure precision, durability and style. The most important parts of watch are listed below:

  • Aperture: An aperture attached to a watch face that can display various information such as date, month, and year.
  • Bezel. The top ring surrounding dial and fixing it. Some bezels display additional information such as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Metal Bracelet (Bracelet): A metal bracelet tied at wrist, which is also a kind of watch band, which is not only beautiful, but can also fix position of watch.
  • Case: The main body of watch, which can protect inner working of watch, separate dust, moisture, and resist shock.
  • Crown (Crown): The pushers on both sides of watch case can be used to adjust and set various elements of watch, such as date, and to protect operation of watch.
  • Crystal: A transparent surface that can be used to protect dial.
  • Dial: The surface of watch covered with crystal.
  • Hands: show time on dial.
  • Helium outlet valve. The helium release valve used in diving watches is suitable for deep water activities and helps relieve air pressure inside watch case.
  • Lugs: metal rods that connect case to strap.
  • Mechanism: Also known as "caliber" (Cal. for short), it powers watch and controls all of watch's functions.
  • Button (button): on side of watch face, used to activate certain functions such as synchronization.
  • Strap (Strap): A leather or rubber strap that can be tied around wrist to hold watch in place.
  • Sub-dial: The watch face has a smaller dial to display additional information, such as timer recording times.
  • follow movement

    Three main mechanisms of luxury watches:

    1. Mechanical watch (hand-operated). A mechanical watch refers to an internal spring that stores energy to power watch.
    2. Automatic watch. Also known as "self-winding watches," watches are powered by owner by manually winding mainspring.
    3. Quartz watch (Quartz): The movement is driven by electromagnetic force, without manual winding. Quartz watches are much cheaper than mechanical or automatic watches.
    Clock face function

    In addition to displaying time, watch face has many additional functions. The most common and commonly used elements are listed below:

  • Yearly calendar: Displays date and month, but cannot automatically correct for extra days in leap years.
  • Chronograph: has fchronograph function and records time required for an action.
  • Date window: Displays date.
  • Dual Time: Displays local time and a second time zone.
  • Minute repeater (minute repeater): upon activation of function, it strikes a spring, announcing hours, quarters and minutes respectively.
  • Moon phase: Displays lunar cycle.
  • Perpetual calendar. Displays date and month and can be automatically adjusted for leap years.
  • Power reserve: displays watch's remaining kinetic energy and reminds wearer when to tighten mainspring next.
  • Tachometer: measures speed of movement over a certain distance.
  • World Time Zone: Displays time in 24 different time zones so that wearer can know local time in different parts of world.
  • Types of luxury watches

    Depending on specific design and function, luxury watches are generally divided into following four categories:

  • Watch. The noble and simple style combined with streamlined design make watch an ideal accessory for work wear, evening wear or other delicate pieces of clothing.
  • Sports watch. A sports watch with a rugged case that is waterproof and durable, able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide accurate timekeeping.
  • Pilot's watch: Pilot's watch has a larger case and an easy to read dial that is designed specifically for pilot's work environment; Pilot watches can also provide additional timekeeping features such as regional timekeeping.
  • Diving watch. Ideal chronometer for divers. These watches have a durable case that can withstand deep water pressure and often have sophisticated features to help divers adjust their oxygen supply in time.