What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily

Hair is second life of a woman! It takes a lot of time to keep hair soft and smooth, especially many girls have long hair, coupled with perm and dyed hair, over time, ends of hair are dry and ends are tightly tangled. Do you want beautiful hair, but do not want to give up styling, what to do? Below is a list of 12 hair care tips. In addition to using hair care products for hair care, changing some daily habits can also make your hair look better and better, making you beautiful not only from front but also from back, so It's nice that you don't have friends!

What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily
1. Use hair oil or hair care mask.

Hair oils and hair masks are essential for many girls to take care of their hair! When hair is semi-dry, apply hair conditioner upwards from most damaged end of hair, relying on hot air of hair dryer to penetrate hair conditioner deep into hair for a moisturizing and protective effect. ~ Usually, before using electric shaping rod, it can also be applied in an appropriate amount. Remember that you can not use hair care oil on scalp, in order to avoid increasing amount of oil on scalp and hair roots to make them look more oily, and avoid it on your face to avoid acne! Especially during sleep, hair oil is easy to touch face through pillow. If you use hair oil as an editor, you will get acne. You can use a hair mask to wash off instead of hair oil. maintain smooth hair~

2. Hair also needs sun protection

You'll never forget to put on sunscreen before heading out in hot summer to protect your skin from tanning and sunburn, but your hair really needs sunscreen too! The area of ​​hair exposed to ultraviolet rays is large, and damage they cause is even several times greater than that of face. Long-term exposure to sun also damages outermost layer of hair protection - cuticle, and finally, the hair will lose its shine and elasticity and become curly! So, in addition to avoiding sun exposure between 10:00 and 15:00, you can also use umbrellas, hats, etc. to block UV rays, or use sunscreen on your hair to keep your hair was silky and shiny. summer~

What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily
3. Do not comb wet hair

Do you rush to get your comb every time you shower and want to brush your hair? This little action can damage your hair! Because hair cuticles will open after contact with water, which will not only soften but also change elasticity. At this time, if you try to comb hair hard, it will easily damage cuticles, causing hair to break and fall out of its luster!

4. Do not wash your hair with high temperature hot water.

Hair is mainly composed of keratin protein. Washing your hair with hot water at too high a temperature will make hair less elastic than usual and damage structure of hair root. After washing, hair is easy to rub or comb vigorously. hair breaks, and over time, hair becomes brittle and frizzy!

5. Dry your hair well

Due to long and thick hair, many girls need to spend too much time drying their hair, so they just dry their hair as much as possible and let it dry naturally, but in fact, this is not only bad for hair, but also bad for head . ! If hair is not blown, it will cause moisture to accumulate in head and affect blood circulation of head. After a long time, problems such as colds and migraines are easy to occur, and hair cuticles are exposed to a certain amount of moisture for a long time. time which will also make hair coarse, so be sure to dry your hair obediently after washing~

What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily
6. Dry your hair before drying

Although it was mentioned above that you should dry your hair well after washing, if you dry it well with a hair dryer first, moisture in scalp will quickly evaporate and hair will become frizzy due to instant exposure to heat of hair dryer. Before you blow your hair , they should be blotted or pressed with a towel to absorb moisture of hair. Do not rub vigorously with a towel for sake of speed, which will also lead to frizz!

7. Distance between hair dryer and hair

To dry my hair quickly, I adjust wind speed and temperature of hair dryer to highest setting, and then blow on hair, which is not good for hair! Exposing hair to high temperature will also degrade quality of hair. When blowing hair, remember to blow from top to bottom in direction of cuticle. The distance between hair dryer and hair should also be 20 to 30 cm. Control temperature and distance. You can take good care of your hair!

What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily
8. Change temperature and blow dry your hair.

Do you feel that cold air slows down your hair drying speed a lot, and your hair is quickly dried with hot air from start to finish and then turned off? When blowing your hair, you can use warm air to dry your scalp well, then use hot air to dry your hair up to 80%, and finally switch to cold air to dry your hair until completely dry. Hair looks more shiny!

9. How to comb your hair correctly

If hair is tangled, you can first gently detangle it with your fingers, and then comb it from middle to ends. Don't comb from head to ends in one go, it's easy to pull your hair and make it break! Don't comb your hair too often, as this will easily make it dry and brittle. Brushing before shampooing and before going to bed can not only remove oil and dirt from your hair, but also improve blood circulation. scalp and hair follicles to help hair growth~

What to do with dry hair? Learn hair care skills to get soft and smooth hair easily
10. Hair tied too tight

If you put too much effort into tying your hair tightly and keep same hairstyle, such as a ponytail or braid, for a long time, you can easily over-tighten your scalp, causing your hair to become brittle and break easily . , so it's best to change your hairstyle regularly or let it go. Let scalp and hair strands have a good rest!

11. Do not tie your hair while cycling.

When I was riding my motorcycle, I didn't tie my long hair up and let it blow in wind. When I removed helmet, I found that my hair was very tangled, which is also culprit for frizzy hair. ! To reduce damage to hair, before putting on helmet, you can simply tie your hair with a hair tie and put it in collar of your coat, this can reduce hair tangles and also avoid hair styling a bit. get crushed by a hard hat~

12. Trust hair care to a professional

Curls and bifurcation are too serious, and girl, whose whole head is dry as straw, wants to quickly save her hair. She can go to a hairdressing salon that can quickly improve quality of her hair, plus daily home hair care. Maintain beautiful hair quality~

Don't blame bad genes for curly hair. Many small habits that you usually do not pay attention to will damage your hair for a long time. Quickly check to see if you've made common mistakes described above. From now on, maintain good habits to keep your hair healthy and shiny Let's go~