"Fashion items that add a sense of luxury" follow trends and wear them with complete confidence.

High-class feeling comes from people's self-confidence and calmness, and Huanguoguo Fashion firmly believes that wearing comfortable and decent clothes can make everyone radiate their own unique charm~ Let's follow Huanguoguo Fashion today and wear them with a full sense of luxury!

Tip 1: High Quality Formula = No Overexposure + Moderate Feeling of Looseness

Wide-fitting clothes are often most eye-catching, best invested in, and won't look ridiculous ten years from now. Many of fashion items on market were popular on catwalks over 20 years ago.

Tip 2: shoulder pads + short version

The oversized shoulder pads can instantly open up your aura, instantly improve your head-to-shoulder ratio, and instantly make your face look smaller!

Little girls can opt for short version to mimic a higher waist.

Tip 3: Free sense of design

Wide trousers create an air of casualness and laziness, while clothes that are too tight create a feeling of carelessness.

Worried that feeling of looseness will look messy if you're not careful? Choose a model with right fold line and put on heels to look 1.8 meters!

Tip 4: Match the colors of your clothes

Neutral shades are timeless and timeless.

Black can emphasize a calm temperament, while camel or beige are relatively light and better reflect breath of spring. Gray is Pantone Color of Year 2021, smart and elegant. You can choose color system according to skin tone temperature and temperament you want to represent.

Tip 5. Mix and match materials Suede + Leather + Knitting

Combining different materials can cause clashes and sparks, which will give expression to neutral tones. For example, knit matte surface) + leather (glossy surface) can make you look different, and you can wear delicate and beautiful personality characteristics!

Huan Guo Guo Fashion will work with you to create high-end outfits that best complement your temperament~