Princess Kate Rarely Wears Barbie Death Powder, Turns Out She Kept Her Promise

As face of British royal family, Princess Kate thinks she thinks and thinks every time she wears an outfit. She rarely wears a long pink dress lately, which is indeed a dignified and elegant color choice. another, and Princess Kate specifically asked to wear it!

It turns out that Princess Kate and Prince William recently visited Scotland, and one of trips was to meet Mila Sneddon, a 5-year-old girl with leukemia. Because before visit, Kate called Mila first, and cute little Mila asked if Princess Kate had a princess dress, but Princess Kate honestly answered that she no longer wears a princess dress, but because Mila likes pink, so Promise Mila to wear a princess dress . a pink dress for her when they meet. (Very warm!)

⬇️ Beautiful Mila also wore a pink dress and a small crown, what a cute girl!

Actually, Princess Kate will meet little Mila. This refers to 2020, when Princess Kate called for "Stay Still" charity photography plan, and Mila, who suffers from leukemia, is being treated during an epidemic. Her mother also took a picture of her and her father through window, which impressed Princess Kate and led to a meeting.

Because she kept her promise, Princess Kate has also been praised by many netizens who consider her to be a really beautiful and kind woman. It can be seen that Princess Kate's popularity and impression is still as positive as ever.

⬇️ Princess Kate is wearing a pink ME+EM dress.