Here is report of Japanese style college dress! Sugar Cube Girls Preppy Dress

Nowadays, most people have to pay a lot of attention to their image. From point of view of girls, this is reflected in all aspects, so aspect of clothing is very important! How about without a bright outfit! Try Japanese preppy style! The college style is not only exclusive to students, but also the patent of every girl with a girlish heart.

This neat skirt looks like an 18-year-old girl herself. There are two styles, long and short, to meet needs of different figures.

A double line of large navy blue lapels is paired with a skirt line in a contrasting color to create a feeling of freshness and vitality for a rejuvenated look. The collar visually opens and closes on chest.

Decorated with bows for a feminine look. Lined in same color on chest so you don't have to worry about running out.

Cute puff sleeves and small puff cuffs, loose and tight, MM's unicorn hand can also wear it with confidence. The high-waisted effect suits figure, while puffy skirt hides flesh and looks slimmer, which is very suitable for pear-shaped sisters.

The skirt has effect of an overlaid three-layer skirt, reaching mid-thigh length, and combined with small leather shoes - FEELING Japanese ladies

Long cut: Ankle-length for an elegant schoolgirl temperament

Short style: sweet and rusty, yellow is suitable for small people, showing long legs without overwhelming!

Fast city life puts a lot of pressure on modern people. Many people prefer a quieter life in their free time. More and more people are choosing Japanese casual wear. Choose one to enjoy a comfortable life!