In spring and summer of 2021, "5 Pairs of Korean Drama Heroine White Shoes"! Korean drama stars Park Bo Young and Han Soo Hee in same style.

You can leave house without wearing them and you can wear them with any single product. Everyone must have at least one pair of "Wearing God Teammate White Shoes" in their shoe closet. You can add several pairs of new members (laughs) )! Park Joo Hyun, Park Bo Young, Hye Ri and Han Soo Hee... Whether it's role of an office worker or a student, following are some of most popular Korean drama heroines who are beautiful and lovely, and requests have skyrocketed since they came out in ether. ~

2021 Korean drama heroine recommendation in white shoes.

"Mouse" by Park Joo Hyun

Park Joo Hyun, who has an abusive relationship with lead actor Lee Seung Gi (barely considered a heroine?), plays role of a high school student in play and almost has to wear a uniform to go out. Of course, it must match student Xiaobai. In terms of shoes, Park Joo Hyun wears "Grit Leather" from Korean brand CLLIB. The leather design is not worried about rain penetration.

2021 Korean drama heroine white shoes recommendation2.

"One day death came to my door" Park Bo Young

Piao Boying, a 158cm little girl, looks even petite and cute in this pair of "white CONVERSE 1970 high-tops" from show! It makes people want to protect and Xu Yingguk immediately accepts it (laughs). The matching ability is too good, so Director Zhuo can not only match style set~

2021 Korean drama heroine white shoes recommendation3.

"My roommate is a nine-tailed fox" Hyeri

I can only say that this pair is not only a magical tool to wear, but also an assistant to god of love (laughs)! The same pair of small white CONVERSE high-top shoes from 1970 also appeared on feet of Huili's heroine in another barn, successfully facilitating the couple's life together. 2021 Korean drama heroine white shoes recommendation4.

"My roommate is a nine-tailed fox" Hyeri

Lee Tang, college student who can't go without her sneakers for most of drama, has another pair! The denim skirt looks youthful, while NEW BALANCE 530 "Silver White Cream Sneakers" add an allure touch, while thick-soled design elongates legs~

2021 Korean drama heroine white shoes recommendation5.

Han Soo Xi's "Irresistible Hae"

Han Suxi went from being strongest third grader to "Liu Nabi", a college student studying sculpture. In play, he wears very discreet clothing. Of course, he also likes plain white shoes. He wore these pairs for almost entire first series of Squalo White Thick Sole Shoes by Italian brand Versace, there will be a lot of searches on Korean Internet~< br>