Japanese funny crab earrings! Loyalty makes people feel "hurt" even when they see it.

The Japanese have always been famous for their big brains. There are a lot of weird things in Japan that always make people go, "How did you come up with that?" Japanese artist Nina (ニナ) recently tweeted her new creation. She draws inspiration from natural creatures well, and this time she uses crabs as protagonist.

This earring, which looks exactly like a real crab, is said to have become a hot topic in Twitter circle. Not only does red shell look like a real one, but crab's claws have turned into "ear sticks" so wearing earrings is like being caught by a crab. , looks like a lot of fun!

Judging by appearance, size of this earring is very small, about size of an earlobe. The overall fidelity is absolutely uncompromising. The bright red gradient crab shell is covered in natural textures. When flipped over, even back of shell is not sloppy. You can even see lines on bottom of crab's belly and tail. It's really hard work! It is also in keeping with Japanese spirit of attention to detail. This creation also sparked a pilgrimage of over 120,000 netizens. A lot of people said "It's just right for gourmets" and "It hurts too much to get caught".