The members of royal family wear a lot of rules and Princess Kate has various dress restrictions.

The British royal family is one of most traditional families in world. Every move they make gets attention of people all over world and they have a set of rules on how to dress and dress. What to wear, what not to take, and choice of color is all knowledge. Whether it's popular princess Kate or Megan, who was a Hollywood actress, it's not easy to integrate into these royal etiquettes!

1 plunging neckline

Whether off-the-shoulder or plunging neckline, it will not figure in wardrobe of members of royal family. The dignified feel and light exposure belies restrained and modest style of royal family.

2 flat sandals

Female members of royal family never wear flat sandals. Even if they wear flat shoes, they will opt for flats, boots, or sneakers. Stretchy or casual slippers will never appear on feet of members of royal family.

3 skirt lengths

Typically, on formal occasions, royals wear long skirts, while on informal occasions, skirts can be shorter, but they also reach knee length, but miniskirts will never appear.

4 bag sizes

We see that when members of royal family go out, bags they choose are not only simple to look good, but also come in standard sizes such as backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags, etc. which rarely appear. Like Kate, she often appears with a clutch, which not only helps to avoid awkward handshakes, but also helps to cover cleavage when you get out of car to prevent exposure. Meghan actually broke dress code a few times and showed up with a messenger bag, but she also showed off a fashionable side.

5 wrinkle fabrics

Whether it's chiffon, linen or silk, it's not often seen on royalty because these fabrics wrinkle easily. All of them will choose smooth, wrinkle-free, tight and straight clothes in order to maintain a dignified and noble appearance.

6 black things

Except for funerals or major events, royals don't wear black when they go out daily, but rather brighter colors so people can recognize them in a crowd.