Summer is here|Flower Dance World|Irresistible French First Love Mousse Milk Furnace Dress

What can a fairy skirt look like in spring? This skirt is delicate and delicious, like cream mousse. We can say that this is an artifact that will help you "get off the list." There are two versions with long sleeves and short sleeves. You can also wear this beautiful "men's cut" skirt in hot summer.

V-neckline with fungus lace accentuates elegant swan neck, exposing slender collarbone line, which looks beautiful and romantic. There is a ruffle on chest that matches bust line.

Exquisite jacquard fabric, soft to touch, with great texture. Its overall shape is in classic French Rococo style.

The entire sleeve has drawstring pleats starting from shoulder and mushroom lace cuffs that look noble and change line of arm. The inverted V design of waist is thinner and higher than general high waist, and waist is cinched in. The design makes skirt look gorgeous and flattering.

The curvature of upper body skirt will be different for different body shapes, so that clothes can find best blooming way for your body. The length is just right to reveal a thin ankle and calf root that look ten cats thinner, and when paired with flats, they look classic.

The sisters have different styles of clothing, but I think everyone will love dress with a pronounced French style!