Don't throw away! The "little piece of cloth" that comes with buying new clothes is so important

When we buy new clothes, we often find that buttons are attached to new clothes. If fabric is a bit expensive or special, a small piece of same fabric will be attached. Usually everyone throws it right into their clothes. trash can. In fact, this piece of cloth has a lot of responsibility!

Function 1: Test performance of various detergents

When you spend money to buy expensive clothes, but way you wash them makes color fade and texture doesn't fit, it's like throwing money into a sea of ​​salt water.

So in order to avoid accidents, this little cloth is given to you so that you wash this little cloth before washing your clothes to see if it will be "sensitive" to your washing powder and washing machine. does not fade, you can wash it with confidence.

Function 2: Knowing material of your clothes

Many are accustomed to using a lighter to burn ends of threads, but not every material can withstand fire, and if you are not careful, you will burn balls of hair, so if you really want to burn ends of threads, you can try this small fabric first; In addition, an iron or steam iron can also be a killer for ruined clothes. Similarly, you can try ironing with a small cloth first to avoid damaging garment.

Some people might say that washing is the most comfortable, of course, but small fabrics can give you such good comfort, so you might as well try it first, right?

The next time you buy new clothes, don't forget to throw them away~