The “Super Shocking Advertisement” for Watches Has Been Viral on Internet! Filmed moment of jumping off cliff

TAG Heuer has released promotional footage of all-new Aquaracer Professional automatic watch with 300m travel. The picture shows three surfers and divers swimming in sea. The picture is so beautiful that netizens exclaimed, "Super shocking ad."

TAG Heuer recently unveiled new Aquaracer Professional watch with automatic 300m travel at Watches & Wonders in Geneva, and recently launched an image ad for watch, inviting three nautical sportsmen, an American talented surfer Kai Lenny, freediving champion and underwater photographer Julie Gauthier and Robin George. Three of them were photographed in marine environment, which they are good at, which not only fits character of new watch, but also encourages consumers to see wonders of ocean through promotional images, especially additional photos that are published. even more amazing.

Kai Lenny wears an Aquaracer Professional 300-meter automatic watch and gallops on a wave board. The picture taken from water clearly shows impact of stormy waves, Julie Gauthier dives into depths of sea with freediving, coral reefs and schools of fish on rocks of seabed and bottomless mystery is very conspicuous; Robin George jumped off a cliff, and through screen you can feel bubbles and splashes caused by acceleration of entry into water.

After posting photos of three professional athletes associated with nautical sports, they not only made a deeper impression on TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 watch in addition to automatic watches, but were also surprised by sports and nautical sports. praised for the super shocking ad.

Kai Lenny surfboards wearing a TAG Heuer watch.

Julie Gaultier dives into depths of the sea while freediving

The scene in which Robin George jumps off a cliff and throws himself into water is very shocking.