If you don't want your breasts to sag and enlarge, you should buy sports bras.

Now, when everyone is talking about health, many girls have started to go in for sports, and also began to buy sports equipment. As a beginner in sport, in addition to focusing on sport, choice of equipment is also more important. Don't obsess over looks and ignore functionality that will affect breast health!

If you are a beauty oriented person, editors advise you to change your mentality! Because inappropriate sports underwear will not only affect your sports mood, but also cause sagging, breast enlargement, assistive breasts, etc. It's really not as simple as a trivial matter! Let's take a look at these 5 right ways to choose sports underwear and choose the right one for you!

If you don't want your breasts to sag and enlarge, you should buy sports bras.

1 Choice of exercise intensity

Low Intensity: Hiking, Yoga, Pilates

Moderate intensity: climbing, cycling, golf, skiing

High intensity: running, aerobics, basketball, riding

Choose different types of support according to your own type of exercise. They are generally divided into medium low impact lifts, medium impact strength lifts, and high impact super lifts. As a rule, you can find marking on official website or on label.

2 Choose a size according to your bust

Shopping for sports bras is different from everyday underwear. The size should be chosen according to "sports bra size". In addition, formation of "beautiful breasts" does not matter. too tight, but choose those that can help focus chest and support function.

3 Can be completely covered without showing side milk

There are many styles of sports bras on market, but well-covered bras can avoid problem of breast expansion and assistive breasts, so try to move and stretch when trying on, and check whether sports bra can fix chest well by observing underarm fat and side of chest through mirror, can be completely retracted without moving.

If you don't want your breasts to sag and enlarge, you should buy sports bras.

4 Good breathability/perspiration

It takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to exercise. If sports underwear is not breathable during this period, not only will it easily emit a peculiar smell, but it will also be prone to sweating or skin allergies. And if fabric is sufficiently elastic and breathable, you will not feel stuffy and hard during classes.

Choose from 5 styles

Girls with larger breasts may benefit from sports bras with crossed straps/wide straps, which are more comfortable to wear and provide better support. It is also recommended to choose a one-piece fixed cup design, which can improve support, can also stabilize a man, and will have better support than "shoulder strap model".