Think pear shape is too thick? 10 ways to wear a pear-shaped body, choose clothes + weight loss skills will tell you

Many girls are worried about pear-shaped body. As name suggests, pear-shaped body is wider in middle, with flesh concentrated in buttocks and thighs. The annoying and difficult position is not only difficult to lose weight, but also to wear it. It is also easy to be restricted. Do not think that pear-shaped body is more fat! Today we have summed up 10 mandatory rules in clothes for a pear figure.

Pear shape dressing rule 1:

The first thing pear-shaped girls should avoid are fishtail and pencil skirts! Since tight-fitting fabric will emphasize buttocks more, skirt uses stiff fabrics with a flared silhouette, and pleated shape allows you to effectively disperse visual proportions of waist and hips.

Pear shape dressing rule 2:

If you want to avoid anything that emphasizes a pear-shaped figure, you can opt for a loose dress that only reveals your slender arms and ankles.

Pear shape dressing rule 3:

Pear-shaped people are most concerned about fact that lower part of body does not look good. The right choice of clothing can effectively change width of hips, such as classic A-line design, which can create a smooth hip line.

Rule for wearing a pear shape 4:

The fabric of clothing also affects visual effect of wearing it. Friends with a pear-shaped figure are advised to choose a dense material for lower body. Straight denim pants can directly change line from buttocks to hips. , creating a straight and slender figure.

Rule 5 wearing for a pear shape:

You can use accessories to flatter your body, use a belt to lift your waistline to create high proportions, and pair it with a short-sleeve top to expose your arms and sculpt your slim body.

Rule 6 of wearing for a pear shape:

Pear shaped people are great at wearing wide tops and wide bottoms. Loose fit is used to loosen up wider lower body. Neutral cuts are just so popular. It's just right to steal a few boyfriend clothes!

Rules for wearing a pear shape 7:

The long top is synonymous with leisure, it can not only create a natural style, but also cover buttocks and hips at same time, which are taken care of by pear-shaped figures.

Rules for wearing a pear shape 8:

Pear shaped people often reject soft skirts of all kinds because if they are not careful, they will magnify their imperfections too much. Visual effect.

Pear Shape Dressing Rule 9:

Some people say patterns on clothing will make body look bloated because wording is too monotonous, principle of layering outfits is used, and tying a coat over a patterned dress will not only make overall look richer, but also make waist line and cover waist area and hips.

Wear Rule 10 for Pear Shape: One-Piece Suspenders

A loose cut is already an everyday accessory for a pear figure. In addition to fact that you should pay attention to fabric when choosing a lower body, you must also consider distance between trousers. One-piece denim suspenders meet the above requirements. , The simple and classic shape is fashionable and elegant.

A characteristic of pear shape is that buttocks are larger than width of chest and shoulders. Full buttocks make you always subject to many restrictions when choosing a lower body. Transform your figure!