The secret to looking your best! Predict TOP 7 popular individual products in second half of year, write key notes

Time flies so fast! In no time, it entered second half of year. Trend-following girls should also want to know what things will be popular in second half of year, in addition to general direction of Fashion trends? In outfit selection, I guess what clothes, pants and accessories will be popular in second half of year based on some Korean online brands and fashion brands! Blessed are girls who read this! Because you can get ready before anyone else for fashion show in second half of year!

Forecast of popular items in second half of 2021 1. Pleated version of suit pants

Suit pants are still one of most fashionable wardrobe items! But little detail is that everyone remembers to choose pleated trousers over plain straight trousers! The pleated design will make pants more three-dimensional and give more design feel, especially when combined with a short top, to fully present design of pants!

▲An indispensable thing for fashionistas. Trousers with a straight cut that fall very nicely. The pleated design doesn't look clunky. It is casual and suitable for everyday wear.

List of hot products in second half of 2021 Forecast 2. Knitwear

With right thickness, a knitted sweater can be worn all year round! For example, weather in second half of year also includes autumn and winter. The temperature will gradually drop and sometimes heat up dramatically. If you choose a knitted sweater for your top, you don’t have to worry about such weather! The long-sleeved knitted sweater can also be used as a sun protection jacket and a small jacket in an air-conditioned room, which is very convenient!

Forecast of popular things in second half of 2021 3. Woven vest

Recently, a series of woven vests has also appeared in Zara's new products. This type of vests are decorated with many small flowers and piping, so this type of single piece will become very cute when worn on body! Besides fact that you can wear these vests separately, you can also add a white t-shirt inside, which is also very trendy for layering!

2021 H2 Selected Popularity Forecast 4. Thin Striped T-shirt

When you start to enter cool autumn, you need a thin striped t-shirt to match! And this kind of casual style, in fact, lower body is very versatile with any pants and skirts. If you are new to clothes, you can choose same color to wear. You can never go wrong with milk tea color. top and beige!

Forecast of popular things in second half of 2021 5. Knitted hats

In second half of year, products from Knitting series are very popular! In addition to top, you can also choose a knit version of fisherman's hat to add a little flair to your outfit and make it more alive! If you don't know what color to choose, you can choose beige, white, brown, etc. It will look great with light-colored clothes!

Forecast for popularity of selected products in second half of 2021 6. Tracksuits

Due to epidemic, everyone's demand for comfort has increased, so breathable and comfortable sportswear is still one of popular styles in second half of year! Whether it's a cotton T-shirt + sweatpants or a full tracksuit, it can hide body and look thinner!

Forecast of popular positions in second half of 2021 7. Pleated dresses

In first half of year, you can often see short pleated skirts being popular in Korean online auctions, and in second half of year, pleated design continues and long version of pleated skirts is transformed. ! The long pleated skirt exudes tenderness and elegance. If you haven't had a pleated long skirt yet, you need to get one now!

The above are forecasts for 7 popular products in second half of year! Although it is said to be popular, everyone should think according to their body shape and style they often wear.