Fireworks in world and dresses make you look fashionable

She was watching fireworks on island, she was more beautiful than GENG fireworks. You may already have countless suspender skirts, but this skirt still attracts you. The simple design is not luxurious, which contrasts with graceful temperament. This fabulous dress is quite casual, with a touch of fireworks in fairy air. The thin straps are especially loose, exposing slender arms and collarbones. The spliced ​​skirt under bust gives people illusion that QUAN is legs below chest. , skirt length and calf position, showing mild temperament.

Light texture and elegant skirt

The use of lustrous satin with excellent drape and smoothness makes skirt elegant to walk on. And texture is light and fine, upper body is cool, skin-friendly and comfortable. Considering that hem of a single-layer skirt can be transparent, an additional layer of lining is added to skirt to effectively protect against light exposure.

The skirt is divided into two styles: suspenders and short sleeves

The first one satisfies spirit of immortality, and in it you will be like a fairy who does not eat fireworks of world. It can be worn with all sorts of small cardigans. The last one is a bit of a small dress and can be worn at annual reunions and parties. It definitely doesn't intentionally accentuate sense of presence, and it's still hard to miss.

Short-sleeved skirts focus on sleeves! The sleeves are made of sheer mesh with superimposed sequins, which are very difficult to weave. It shines brightly in sun! Wow, such a fabulous feeling is wonderful, and silhouette of JING's classic doll skirt is not childish at all.

Sling details

  • Shoulder strap with spaghetti cut to reveal collarbone and swan neck.
  • Skirt details, high waist on chest, long legs.
  • Short sleeves

  • Detailed neckline, French square collar, romance that can change curve of shoulders and neck.
  • Skirt details, microfoam short sleeves, hide body and create beautiful lines of arms.
  • Other features: The sleeves are covered with sheer mesh, back is embellished with straps, and layers of beige beads overlap each other, shining and colorful, revealing a beautiful back with a lingering sexy charm. .

    It looks really good in sun, and it's also pretty with a little suit on outside, but it's different with a little black jacket. The combination of black and white is a classic fashion phrase, no matter what time it is, it is a timeless phrase.

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