"Globe Flower" and 16-year-old daughter shoot magazines! The stunning beauty of mother and daughter shocked entire network

56-year-old Italian national treasure star Monica Bellucci and her 16-year-old sweetheart daughter Deva Cassel are shooting for fashion magazines together, and their demeanor is still completely unobtrusive. photos once again surprised fans around world.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci combines all qualities of a beautiful woman, such as beautiful breasts, thin waist, long legs, deep facial features and an innate sense of mystery, making her universally recognizable by men all over world. The most bizarre woman is called Earthball Flower. Monica Bellucci gave birth to her eldest daughter, Deva Cassel, at the age of 40. Not only did her figure not change at all, she also conveyed to her daughter all her beautiful appearance.

Recently, Monica Bellucci and her daughter Deva Cassel were invited to shoot cover of a fashion magazine, mother and daughter look more like sisters in front of camera. Monica Bellucci is still young, and she is still elegant in fashion. Black, burgundy, dark green and other calm colors suit her very well, her daughter Deva Cassel inherited her mother's beauty. At 16, he showed a stable and elegant temperament, becoming second generation superstars world is expecting.

Monica Bellucci is over 50 years old and still looks great, living up to her reputation as "flower of globe".