What should I do if my clothes are wrinkled? Six ways + steps to remove wrinkles from clothes, easy to do without ironing

Every time I go out, I pack beautiful clothes, but when I open them in a hotel, I find they are tucked into a ball. When clothes are all wrinkled, no matter how I wear them that day, they will look untextured and unfashionable. Because you can't carry a steam iron or clothes dryer with you, and you don't want to go out in wrinkled clothes? Here are 6 Ways to Remove Wrinkles and You Can Smooth Your Clothes Easily Without Tools!

Way 1 to remove wrinkles from clothes: hair dryer

The hair dryer is good not only for blowing hair, but also for smoothing wrinkles! First, hang clothes to be wrinkled on a hanger, spray some water on creases, first use weight of water vapor to separate clothes, and then take hair dryer to dry clothes, and wrinkle removal effect can be achieved! It is recommended that you try this simple crease removal method on already wrinkled clothes, as well as on cotton clothes.

Way 2 to remove creases from clothes: outer lazy way

If you don't want to wear wrinkled clothes, but are too lazy to use tools, then lazy outdoor wrinkle removal method is most suitable for you! Simply spray water on surface of garment, then hang it outdoors and let it air dry. This method uses moisture and heat to smooth out wrinkles and straighten fabric. However, there is one thing to note about outdoor lazy wrinkle removal method, because sun bleaches clothes. It is recommended to use this method on light-colored clothes.

Method 3 for removing creases from clothes: towel method

Don't rush to toss a towel in laundry basket after a shower to dry your body, it can also be used to smooth out creases in clothes. Lay garment completely flat on bed or table, and then immediately fold it with a damp towel and press harder in areas with a lot of folds so that garment can recover to a smooth appearance.

How to Remove Wrinkles from Clothes #4: The Steam Bath Method

Many people use a steam iron when they need to iron out creases in clothes, but you can't take it with you overnight, so steam from a hot shower can be used to achieve same effect. ! Take clothes to bathroom and hang them up, and use steam generated during bath to straighten clothes, but remember to keep a decent distance so as not to wet or wrinkle clothes.

Clothes wrinkle removal method 5: ion clip

Girls who don't have an iron at home, ionic clip can also replace it! In addition to being used for hair styling, it can also be used as a tool to remove creases from clothes, using high-temperature heat to smooth out wrinkles. However, since ion clip itself is relatively small, it is more suitable for small-scale treatment.

Way 6 to Remove Creases from Clothes: Pure Water Method

If you don't have any of above props and can't rush into a shower or hang it on your balcony to dry naturally, clean water can be used to remove creases. Spray some water on creases and then dry them vigorously like you dry clothes to straighten out creases. It's not hard, but it takes a lot of effort.

Clothes are just as important as general cleanliness. Failure to do so will result in loss of appearance points for day. As long as you learn these six methods for removing wrinkles from clothes, you will be able to wear smooth and flat clothes at any time. at any time, even when you are without clothes. Ultimately, however, it is still necessary to understand how to properly fold and store clothes to greatly reduce appearance of wrinkles in clothes!