The "change of season" of expensive jewelry is cute enough! Palm trees and jewel slippers

Every day in comfort of summer coast you feel like on vacation. FRED presents a new collection of RIVIERA pendants with diamonds and colored gemstones, created in a beautiful beach style.

High-class jewelry can also be full of childish spontaneity. The latest series of RIVIERA pendants from FRED humorously integrates beach elements into jewelry design in most direct and unique way. The rose gold and gold rectangular pendant tag has become a beautiful canvas, and pendant tag has been transformed into a beautiful decoration by being cut out and inlaid with precious stones and diamonds.

Cut a metal tag into a palm tree, a pair of flip flops, and even a cocktail glass. The palm leaves are translucent emeralds, and footprints on beach are shining diamonds. Folding fan encrusted with lacquer, diamonds and colored gemstones in various colors, full of playfulness, as well as decorations that can emphasize sense of style in summer.

FRED Emerald Palm Tree Pendant in Rose Gold

Left: FRED cocktail pendant set with diamonds in pink gold. Right: FRED Cocktail Diamond pendant in gold