Lightweight chiffon cardigan, not only immortal, but also extravagant

How can we skip a sun shirt in summer? After all, we save sunscreen and an umbrella. The fabric used in following fabric is not only immortal, but also extravagant. Chiffon, which feels comfortable and skin-friendly, is different from ordinary chiffon on market. The cost of this fabric is several times higher. More clear cut and loose fit. correspond.

This is a fitted style with a drawstring at waist and wavy ruffles at bottom. It is very suitable for tender living girls! Use fungus lace to fix edges to reshape shape and make it thinner. The selected light and thin chiffon fabric seems as light as cloud silk, dropped-shoulder sleeves can cover unicorn's arms, shoulders are broad and back is thick, and cardigan design looks thin.

The high waist lace-up design makes upper body slimmer and taller, and hem is made of thread lace, and upper body is decorated with a romantic and cute flower bud! The length is very comfortable for all types of people. It can be matched with a variety of dresses and suspenders, which is comfortable and convenient.

Cardigan features:

  • Mushroom lace overlock and drawstring design
  • Lace hem/dropped sleeves
  • Fine chiffon fabric, soft and delicate, light and cool on upper body.
  • Needless to say, this is a magic weapon for attracting peach blossoms in summer!