Wearing a Rolex to dive into depths of sea for 38 years! The 85-year-old 'Queen of Deep' is still working to save ocean.

Rolex (ROLEX) is committed to conservation of marine environment and has partnered with BBC to produce a documentary featuring many marine scientists, including 85-year-old marine biologist Sylvia Earle, who continues to be involved in marine conservation in her age. ocean-related work is admirable.

If you've seen Blue Mission documentary, then you know Sylvia Earl. Mission Blue is not only about marine environmental disaster and pollution, but also focuses deeply on Sylvia Earl and connection to ocean. Sylvia Earle is a beautiful woman In 1960s and 1970s, when there were few female professional divers, Sylvia Earle could be said to blush among green bushes.

Sylvia Earl participated in many scientific expeditions. Among them, most memorable of her first international expedition was to India in 1964. It lasted six weeks. Sylvia was only woman on board. It's unforgettable. She saw many species that people had never seen before, which made her continue to respect ocean. Today, more than 90% of ocean is still uncharted territory. In addition, Sylvia also lived in underwater research center for 14 days due to scientific research, which gave her title of "Queen of Deep".

Because mission of underwater exploration and marine conservation aligns with philosophy of Rolex, Sylvia Earl has been a Rolex spokesperson since she was very young in 1982 and is now 38 years old. In 2019, Rolex launched Protect Earth, Keep Moving program. She has long supported outstanding individuals and organizations that use science to find ways to protect Earth. Of course, it also includes Sylvia's Blue Mission. Points network. to protect ocean. So far, Rolex has supported Blue Mission in creating over 130 Points of Hope, and protected ocean has increased from 3% to 8%. Sylvia Earl, who also narrated documentary Defending Earth While Moving: Heroes of Sea, said that while nearly a third of all marine life has been lost, she remains hopeful that she can help a planet that is constantly moving.