"International Summer Fashion Color 2021" is high-end fashion that looks slim and whoever wears it looks good.

What color is your summer? Playing with these colors is called summer!

As a fragile girl, your beautiful makeup + outfit" is not only meant to attract opposite sex, but more importantly, to please yourself .In hot summer, clothing style is generally simple, but to wear elegant temperament and upscale feeling, color matching becomes very important!

What color combination can add a touch of coolness to image? The editor will help you unlock the most popular color of summer 2021, super white and anti-aging.

[Reason for PANTONE Color Revealed! 】

According to PANTONE report, there are 10 popular colors and 5 main classic colors of season, colors that inspire inventiveness and creativity. Also flexible enough to adapt to today's new, more fragmented lifestyles.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone™ Color Institute, said: "Summer 2021 shades embody nature, highlighting our desire to have versatile colors all year round. Color is becoming more and more important, combining a certain degree of comfort and relaxation, and also radiating vitality, inspiring and uplifting.”

···Recommended Items for Summer Representative Colors··· 1. Calendula Orange, a comforting yellow-orange hue, creates a warm vision. 2. "Light Grey-Blue" The color of sky on a quiet, clear day. 3. "Rust Brown" is inspired by brown color of the earth, symbolizing autumn leaves, an atypical spring tone. 4. "Bright Yellow" - a friendly, joyful and optimistic yellow tone that promises a sunny day. 5. "French Blue" - an exciting blue shade, reminiscent of spring Paris. 6. "Grey Green" mint green, cool and soothing. 7. "Scorched Coral" The charming color of scorched coral expresses hospitality. 8. "Mint color" Delicious refreshing mint color 9. "Amethyst Orchid". This floral shade gives a unique taste. 10. Raspberry Smoothie Red is a vibrant raspberry red that teases people's hearts.

Do you like any of 10 colors above?