Popular Summer Outfits 2021! 10 sets of Japanese style winning formula

Whenever I go to Japan, I always enjoy watching daffany that Japanese girls wear. I recently discovered a lot of Japanese girls who dress very well on IG. In order not to dazzle everyone, I specifically show you how I prepared 10 sets of winning formulas for summer Japanese outfits so that you can wear them correctly.

Hollow Top + Wide Pants

Japanese attention to detail is also reflected in clothing. The looming characteristics of a sophisticated hollow-top can always make people feel their heartbeat unintentionally. Paired with a pair of wide leg trousers, simple and spacious configuration looks even more impressive. Chinese Combined with gentle feeling of upper, the overall shape will not be too gorgeous and exaggerated.

One-piece dress without sleeves (loose hem)

Even without too much embellishment, you can feel luxurious feel of it, and this is where Japanese style makes people feel amazing, and while a sleeveless one-piece dress looks ordinary, it can actually hide it. many shortcomings in body, including a small belly, shape of legs and short stature.

Waistcoat + straight-cut denim trousers or wide leg trousers

A simple vest with no extra embellishments paired with equally clean and simple jeans or loose and tight wide leg trousers can create a Japanese minimalist beauty, and you can choose right embellishments to make overall look of texture even better.

Modeling top + umbrella skirt

There are many options for top, whether it is chiffon or cotton, but it is necessary that color and material of long skirt match lower body. It is not recommended to combine a chiffon top with a cotton long skirt. , and let the overall shape appear restrained and textured without overt conflicts.

Sleeveless top with shoulder pads + skinny pants

Tight trousers can be matched with trousers that change shape of your legs. This way, even if you don't wear a long skirt to cover your legs, you can still achieve effect of changing your legs. a sleeveless top with shoulder pads on upper body to make your arms look slimmer. However, people with wider shoulders might consider wearing a top with shoulder pads.

Long top + wide leg pants or wide leg pants

Long top with wide leg pants and wide leg pants will make people feel at ease and filled with a lazy atmosphere. When walking, hem moves with wind and pants are open, make people feel leisurely energy of life.

Bib short

Suspenders, which have been popular in Japan since spring, can still be seen being worn by many Japanese girls in summer, but design of these suspenders is really special. People look sexy, but not vulgar, and suspenders themselves are even more playful and cute.

Top + fishtail skirt

Fishtail tops and skirts are elegant Japanese ladies, but matching colors and materials is very important. If you don't know how to match them, it's recommended to buy a whole set to reduce chance of you being knocked over. However, pear girls with a slender figure should be more careful, because narrow top of mermaid skirt will reveal features of a large pelvis.

Blouse + thin-shoulder top + jeans or wide leg trousers

The best combination for summer when you're worried about heat but also afraid of sun. The blouse can block UV rays so you don't need to be afraid of sun while playing, and thin off-the-shoulder top is not too stuffy, it can be worn with jeans and wide leg pants, it will make you slimmer and more stylish.

floral print little dress

Elegant little flower sleeveless high neck dresses usually appear in Japanese TV series as mature and elegant older sisters, and little flower dresses with sleeves and V-neck are cute little neighbors, but it is recommended that when you buy you can invite your friends to choose a small flower dress, and let third party evaluate objectively to choose most suitable for you.