Wear most popular "girl group style", girl group's three-color suit.

A small crop top with sports shorts, the upper body has a casual Korean Oni style after dancing[色]

Three colors in light grey, riley white and light gamboge, plus trousers in black and summer green in both light and dark tones to suit everyday needs

The top is small and short, not fussy, waist line is raised, and bottom can be worn to show legs of model [color]

A simple and elegant round neck with a rib that does not fit shape of face, easy to put on and take off. The characteristic is that shoulders are decorated with shoulder pads, and sleeves are carefully double-stitched. , Elastic cord and pig nose buckle, hem width can be adjusted freely, fashionable and comfortable at same time, letter "Angel" is embroidered on left side of front of clothes, breaking monotony of solid color. T [celebration]

Small shorts that can be worn outside at home, go downstairs to pick up courier, wear them well, elastic waist, you can change them 5 seconds before going out, it's not too convenient

There is a rope decoration in middle of waist, waist width can be freely adjusted, and pockets on both sides directly into pockets, where you can put small objects or take pictures in pockets, so cool [waiting]

Front right panel has voluminous "sporty" English embroidery, fine and refined. The legs are open on both sides, and skin is exposed on side, which modifies lines of legs and facilitates walking and exercising [negotiated]

The fabric is a cotton mesh bottom sweater fabric, has a certain thickness but not stuffy, comfortable and soft, but retains a certain definition, looks good with canvas shoes