The moment when hair is up is just too perfect! 2021 Recommended recommendations for hair coloring with four gradients "Dye Sandwich"

With summer coming, I want to dye my hair some special color! Today I will introduce you to a special hair dye, which is a sandwich dye that is very popular in Korea and Japan~ It is recommended for girls who are still waiting for bleached hair, or people who want something special but do not want to exaggerate hairstyle too much! Sandwich dyed hair is bleached on inner layer. You can still opt for a darker hair color on outer layer. If you inadvertently raise your hand to let inner hair color come out a little, people will want to see it more clearly. Significantly improved ~

Cool Mist Brown x Smoky Pink Rose

Girls who love pink~It is highly recommended to choose an overall cool and hazy brown with smokey pink sandwich paint, which is full of playfulness and cuteness for girls. It has feel of a dream~ it makes people feel tender and individual! Tie head of princess as you wish, or let breeze gently blow, revealing secret of hair color is unclear, making people want to take a closer look~

Milk tea brown x golden rice

Sometimes you get tired of dyeing your dark hair, you can try bleaching and dyeing hair next to your cheeks~ cool hair color with beige gold highlights, it looks super individual! Don't think that this hair color can only be dyed by cool girls. In fact, many girls in Japan will choose this color system, because style of clothing will not be limited, and after dyeing, hair will be super white~ Also, it will grow out. The pudding head is also very unobtrusive! It can last long after dyeing, which is gospel for bourgeois girls~

brown-orange x milky gold

Girls who love Korean style! Be sure to try combination of brown and creamy gold~ The vibrant brownish orange goes really well with skin tone, and subtle creamy gold highlights are really super for spring and summer! Feel free to pair it with a clip-on or a low baotou. It's very Korean and trendy. Wearing a mask and walking down road, you'll think you're a greasy Korean~

Lavender Violet x Beige Violet

The light lavender pink color and beige highlights with a slight purple tint are very nice! The color system of this hair highlight is similar, and it is more discreet and delicate than other sandwich dyes. It is very suitable to wear a little white dress or a floral print top when going on a date~

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