"10 summer casual outfits" In hot summer, feel cheerful and fashionable.

A casual look that will keep you cool even on hot summer days. Why don't you wear a classy and light outfit that exudes personal charm? This article covers everything from relaxed and casual to beautiful and stylish.

A must-see for ordinary people! adult summer clothes

On hot summer days, it is advisable to wear as light clothing as possible. However, when new generation wears too coarse clothes, it gives a sense of life and gives impression of a person who is far from fashion. If you want to win summer vacation outfits, you must use smart fashion pieces and textures. Cool and light, outfit that can show adult charm is complete.

Khaki pants and brown sweater

A casual brown t-shirt and stylish khaki trousers are perfect choice to create a balance. Pair it with center pleated trousers for a casual look♪

Horizontal striped sweater × black shorts × sapphire khaki jacket

Shorts with a lot of summer appearances. Sapphire jacket and stripes, adult style shorts. Khaki × monochrome and small silver pieces add a fresh feel.

Khaki pants and sandals

Pants in gray and khaki. Wear it with a charcoal gray dress for a chic, sophisticated and expressive look. The monochrome color scheme keeps look cool, while sandals in same tone give it an otherworldly feel.

Khaki pants and colorful high heels

Inexpensive trousers and a white T-shirt will add a feminine touch to your everyday look. The trick is to add adult sexiness and bring it all together in a fresh color scheme.

Khaki pants x white T-shirt x sandals

T-shirts and trousers are a classic style. Sandals that can be worn underfoot ◎ Both fashionable and functional, suitable for multi-day outings!

Black maxi skirt and white hoodie

Long black dress with a white linen hoodie. The softly flared dress is adorned with silver accessories so it stands out at the resort.

White jersey x pink wide leg pants x purple cardigan

A white knit sweater and pink wide leg pants work well together in a feminine pairing, while adding a darker color will add to casual feel. A basket bag for a moderately casual look.

Light green knit x brown tight skirt

A classic combination of a knitted sweater and a fitted skirt in one piece in soft green × brown for a refreshing impression. Accentuate line of feet with silver pointy shoes.

Gray T-shirt and purple flared skirt

Casual look with a pink and purple sunkiss dress. Pair a loose flared skirt with a logo tee and sneakers for a fresh look.

Green cardigan x gray T-shirt x black pants

A dark simple dress made of a gray T-shirt and black trousers is complemented by bright colors and has become more casual. Add a playful touch to a green cardigan and blue loafers.

All 10 casual wear sets brought to you today are popular outfits from Japan and South Korea. Huang Guoguo will bring you new fashionable outfits that you will share every day. If you like it, don't forget to comment and subscribe!