10 sets of denim recommended for summer, more feminine and mature style

Everyone should pay attention to trendy denim styles when wearing denim this summer. Denim colors, designs, selection of tops, shoes. If you choose a good everyday item, it will be more casual and fashionable. Here are some must-have styles for you. Whether cool or feminine, it can enhance your charm very well. Let's take a look at this summer's denim.

[1] Try buying jeans one size larger.

"If you choose right size, you'll look fatter than you are" ... if you're worried about your jeans looking "flabby", you might want to try going up a size. Loose-fitting trousers and a compact top create an elegant look.

[2] Try changing "waistline" instead of legs

High-waisted jeans cover exciting waist area. Comfortably hugs hips and gives confidence in back.

【3】Put on looser skinny jeans.

Beautiful denim tapered to bottom is now in trend of a free cut. Model with a high waist and tapered hem for a neat fit.

[4] Try using light-colored denim to improve visual center of gravity.

For light jeans, we also recommend colors such as ice grey, light blue and grey. Makes a gentle impression.

This summer's denim style, a combination of feminine pieces is right answer. Simple and casual.

[5] Retro Casual Sheer Shirt

Sleek sheer shirt and gray jeans. For a soft and effortless look, complete your look with strappy sandals.

[6] Black Monochromatic Phrase

Wear these jeans with a fitted black polka dot blouse. Get rid of childishness and create an urban mood.

【7】Dark blue monochrome collocation

Navy blue sleeveless top and faded mid-rise jeans. Lightly faded denim creates a monochrome edge.

[8] White monochrome collocation

White knitted top and white jeans. The loose fit of sweatshirt on shoulders gives a strict silhouette.

[9] Casual clothes that don't look like jeans

A black top is recommended with light jeans. Even with black top, it doesn't feel bulky.

[10] Photo T phrase

Monochrome photo of T x blue jeans. The influence of large photographs contributes to looking stylish. The beautiful way to wear bright colors is also very mature.

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