Short hair is not difficult to understand! Key differences of short haircut "Japanese vs Korean". Which faction suits your face?

Do you think there are only a few short hair styles that aren't as varied as long hair? Or have you hesitated for a long time, but still can’t muster up courage to cut your hair short, worrying that they don’t suit you or don’t know how to put them in order? Look girls, world of short hair is really not hard to understand. Let's look at difference between "Japanese short hair and Korean short hair" from two schools Sakura Girl and Korean Girl and see which school suits your face shape. it's better to be a girl pulled back by long hair again!

Japanese short hair focus 1: emphasis on thinness and breathability, and emphasis on lines

In Japanese shorthair, great attention is paid to feel of hairline: lightness, breathability and fluffiness of air. In addition to importance of thinning technique, hair conditioner, hair gel and other hair products will also be applied before styling to create a base for hair, aid in subsequent styling and create natural shine at same time! Short Japanese hairstyles are more suitable for girls with round and big faces. The effect of small faces is very strong, and also makes people instantly radiate pure temperament.

Key Point 2: A perm is a must, and pursuit of feeling of a bun

In addition to obvious layering, Japanese short hair is also indispensable for perming and hair coloring. Part of hair color is rich and three-dimensional, which looks more mobile. The most common hair colors are mostly brown and flax, which is a conservative and safe way to go, and error rate is extremely low. When styling, I also take a small section of hair and curl it to create a tow-like feel and make hairstyle lighter and more elegant.

Focus 3: Aim for Natural Clutter

Most Japanese short hairstyles are combined with bangs, with exception of bangs on eyebrows, length of bangs almost covers eyebrows. To create a feeling of air, after styling is completed, hair will be messed around at will, mainly to create a natural sense of mess, creating a natural and lazy look that has just woken up.

Korean short hair focus 1: emphasize soft hair

Compared to Japanese short hair, "Korean short hair" which emphasizes roundness and softness will be better groomed and is unlikely to have too many hair products besides hair cream. Treating thinning and line feeling is nothing special, but pursuit of smooth and shiny hair. Although styling of Korean short hair is not very strict, it can be adjusted with small details such as bangs or perms and curls at ends of hair. It is more popular for long and oval faces. Round faces want to cut If yes, then you need to pay attention to length and curl of short hair!

Key Point 2: Pay Attention to Fluffiness of Hair Roots

As mentioned above, Japanese short hair tends to style entire head to make hairstyle more fluffy; Korean short hair pays attention to fluffiness at hair roots, while rest retains texture of original hair. Only by making roots of hair fluffy and curved, overall hairstyle will not look greasy and flat. In addition to blowing your hair with a blow dryer, you can also use a comb to shave your hair layer by layer. But it should be noted that Korean short haircut is fluffy and not tousled!

Key Point 3: Internal or external curling method for tail hair treatment.

The part at ends of hair is also very specific, and most of them will be processed by curling inward or outward, and different methods will show different sensations! If ponytail is curled inward, then hairstyle will look lush, sweet and rejuvenating, and if it is curled outward, then it will be more adult and feminine.

After reading difference analysis above, which faction do you prefer? Of course, there are many options for changing short hairstyles of two schools. This does not mean that round faces are definitely not suitable for Korean short hair. They just need fine tuning to fit your needs perfectly. Before deciding whether to cut your hair short, you should have a rough idea of ​​the differences between two schools so you can better understand which suits you best!