Incomprehensible fashion, burgers and ice cream are all erased! MOSCHINO resort series

He's finally here! Season after season MOSCHINO did not let everyone down this year! The recently released series "Vacation 2022" is still too noisy. He directly puts on stage everything that you can think of in American fast food restaurants. Lots of burgers, muffins and ice cream here. Just looking at him makes you salivate. Happy department, girls. If you love new items, don't miss out!

MOSCHINO, led by creative director Jeremy Scott, launched a new 2022 resort series on June 29th. This series also retains Jeremy Scott's fun and humorous design style, which directly brings American restaurant dishes to catwalk. that show is staged in form of a musical, with a bright, cute and attractive design that makes you salivate just by looking at it~

This time, red-haired supermodel Karen Elson opened show of festive series, presented by musical drama. Next came a set of delicious and interesting clothes and mono-product accessories. As always, a colorful combination of all kinds of classic American food, hamburgers with salad accessories, tomatoes and pickles, and wavy yellow mustard Tycoon set are definitely eye-catching designs that keep audience in spotlight. Knowing how a model can wear this outfit without laughing? Hahaha), for this season's design, Jeremy Scott hoped to capture excitement, charm, and quirkiness of old Hollywood musicals. This season is all about singing and dancing, so show's big scenes were specially brought to Universal Studios for filming!

In addition to hamburgers and hamburgers, ice cream, muffins and poached eggs often seen in films have also become specialty items such as clothing, bags and hats. in a good mood for a while and I'm so looking forward to what a great MOSCHINO series will bring you again next season!