“Watch Korean dramas to learn how to dress” “My roommate is nine-tailed fox” – female students learn OOTD

Have you watched latest Korean drama, My Roommate is Nine-Tailed Fox?

My Roommate is Nine-Tailed Fox, a Korean drama starring Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri, tells love story of a college student born in 1999 and a 999-year-old Nine-Tailed Fox living together. Not only is plot beautiful, but also outfits of heroine and second heroine in performance are very eye-catching!

The daytime outfits in performance are very suitable for both office workers and students! Let editor take a look today!

Formula #1 jacket + jeans

Heri, who plays role of a college student in play, often appears in a suit and Look jeans. The blazer sets off an intellectual vibe, while interior wears a more casual white t-shirt that infuses a youthful campus vibe with blue straight-cut jeans so you don't have to worry about blazer looking too grown-up. and officially! Pair it with a pair of black high heel boots that show off your legs! This is definitely a very comfortable wear for office workers or students!

Wardrobe Formula #2: Sweet Dress + Neutral Suit Blazer

I have to say that sense of style in outfits for Korean dramas is really high! Each set is thought out to smallest detail! In picture, heroine is dressed in a cute and feminine white lace doll dress, and then dons a neutral brown costume jacket to neutralize sweetness. The right sweet and cool breeze, making people feel sweet but not greasy, just right! At first glance, this is a pure heroine, full of atmosphere!

Formula #3 jersey jacket + casual T-shirt + skinny jeans

A simple knitted jacket, casual T-shirt and skinny jeans - seemingly unremarkable things are combined with a gentle girl next door! This set is definitely a must for college girls! The usual tank top-denim style paired with a knitted jacket will immediately become Korean!

Wearing a Formula #4 turtleneck + high waisted skirt + high boots

King Hannah, who played role of a fox in play as an adult, showed off her sexy beauty in first episode, which audience could not take their eyes off~ The black tight turtleneck is matched with a black leather jacket. fashionable skirt, self-confident Show off your S-shaped figure and long legs! If you like mature royal sister style, you must try this outfit! If you're worried that an all-black look will be too monotonous, you can also use small accessories to spruce up whole look!

Have you found your favorite outfit formula yet?