Korean cropped shirt! What color do you like? Try a color you've never worn before, you'll love it

Hello everyone! I am Huan Guoguo Fashion~ Today I want to share with you a Korean short shirt, which is also a versatile style~

Try different colors like purple and green and feel different charms brought to us. Let's see together now.

Green + denim breeches

Green is probably a color that many would not choose! This is probably color that will immediately be excluded. I think this color is not very good! On contrary, it makes complexion more tender!

Blue + black shorts

Blue and black, at first you will feel that overall color system will be dark, but it seems that it emphasizes brightness of the blue!

White + denim long skirt

Great white with a slit denim skirt! There is also a little temperament in leisure time~

Beige + blue denim shorts

Beige with a touch of softness, combined with same light shorts, looks more gentle.

Purple ~ color of Manman's unexpected love.

Soft and gentle~ gentle, but at same time a little sexy.

And you? After reading these color combinations, which color do you like best? Try out colors from time to time that don't usually suit you!

Maybe you will find another style of clothing~I hope you enjoy today's selection!