Simple but exquisite! "This item" is a must-have this summer, and feeling of luxury instantly increases.

Everyone who pays attention to Japanese and Korean outfits should know that pearl series is back and has become popular again in different countries! After properly exposing skin in hot summer, embellished with pearls, overall shape has a little more temperament, which makes people look at it more! Elegant and retro pearl items are matched with clothes in elegant colors, which are simple yet exquisite. If you want to unlock more pearl items to wear, follow Juan Gogo to look down.

Pearl necklace

A pearl necklace doesn't look like anything special, but once worn, it can add color and beauty to a skin tone; shorter necklaces will look more formal, you can choose a princess pearl necklace, length of which is located at neck to form V Word lines can also change round faces! From point of view of choosing upper body, whether it is a simple green stripe or a solid color top, there is no contradiction in selection, which better emphasizes feminine beauty.

Pearl earrings

When it comes to pearl earrings, you can always remember famous painting "Girl with a pearl earring". Large pearl earrings in picture complete look. In real life, you can wear large pearl earrings to attend important events, giving people a dignified look For a stable image, pearl dangle earrings are also a good choice for everyday occasions. Long earrings visually expand downward, elongate facial lines, playful and delicate and then wear low- saturation clothes to go to cafe Also a very good shot!

pearl bag

The must-have pearl bag for little fairies is here~ If you're worried you won't be able to wear pearl earrings or necklaces, let's start with bags first! Too gorgeous pearl bag is impractical for everyday wear. When buying, you can choose a bag with a pearl chain or a pearl pendant with a full sense of design. style, white series will never go wrong, let's show gentle charm together!

pearl ring

When it comes to accessories, how can you skip ring, minimalist style with pearl elements, discreet and tasteful, you can also use pearls to mix and match different styles, unique design is full of designs when stacked or worn alone Feeling, if you usually like manicures, and a pearl ring complement each other, creating a delicate and feminine look.

pearl hair accessories

If your outfit is solid and you don't know how to add details, you can brighten it up with hair accessories. Ordinary hair accessories are too cute and metallic ones are too harsh, so try gorgeous pearl ones. ! The basic hair clip is made of small pearls, without too complicated design, hooks hair behind ear and turns into a gentle lady in a second. The must-have Korean shark hair clips for long-haired girls are also presented in pearl style. The hair is casually curled to accentuate curves of face, which is so beautiful!

Refined and expensive pearls will always take their place in clothing! Don't talk about being old fashioned, and never being old fashioned is key to getting started.