The hot summer of 2021 is coming! Even if you go for a walk, dress nicely

Who said you can go to store without wearing clothes?

Who said that you can't dress beautifully when you go to hypermarket!

During an epidemic, you can't go out and shop at will, but you still need to buy essentials,

Even if it's close to home, if you have opportunity to go outside, you can't refuse to dress up! !

Masks are now required, so you can do without makeup!

walking dog in park

Do you have a dog at home?

The most important thing in keeping a dog is to take it for a walk every day so that owner can walk too!

Since we've decided to go somewhere together, we should also dress nicely so that, by way, we can take a good photo, right?

Masks are now mandatory when you go out, so why have you never thought about using masks as a separate piece of clothing?

Let masks of different colors be integrated into our everyday clothes!

Walking along river, cycling

In addition to parks, there are many public facilities on embankment, designed simply and beautifully,

This is a great place for whole family to ride bikes together, and it's also a good place to take kids out to discharge electricity!

Bright and eye-catching sun, combination of bright colors is definitely not wrong!

Sisters have fun together, have afternoon tea in cafe

How can you dress poorly when you go to a beautiful coffee shop for afternoon tea with your sisters! !

It is recommended to preview special scenes of coffee shop in advance, and by way, you can also observe and study other people's outfits, and then think about what you will be photographed in~

Go shopping, Showcases

Besides a light mix of bright colors in summer, most unmistakable color is definitely black!

Black color is also popular with many people. In addition to looking cute, it also emphasizes individuality.

Sometimes being a girl with character is also a good choice. You can choose a black top with a sense of design.

With universal denim series, you can easily and neatly go out!

The above is an exchange of summer casual outfits! I hope you will enjoy!