Office casual wear that can be worn with socks

In recent years, casual office wear has become commonplace. In office, you want to look fashionable, but many women worry that their feet will freeze because of air conditioner. Therefore, this time we will introduce office casual wear with socks.

[Black] 3 sets of office casual wear with socks

The first is a full black suit with socks. Even though it is built into T-shirt, black socks and lace-up shoes on feet give a formal impression. You can also create a calming atmosphere by choosing black for your top.

However, if whole body is black, it's easy to look heavy. In this case, choose a mermaid skirt. A mermaid skirt can create a neat and feminine silhouette by reducing impression of heavy black clothing. It is also recommended for those who want to improve their style as a leg lengthening effect can be expected.

② Socks × combination of combinations

The second option is combined with tiny socks peeking out of booties. If feet are uniformly black, this will give a solid impression. The top looks good in office with jerseys and cardigans.

Also, pairing a lower body with a navy blue button-front skirt can create a stylish and stable vibe. If you choose brown for bag, you can brew a more mature woman, so it is recommended.

③Socks×retro style skirt

Third is combination of socks and low leather boots with a retro floral skirt. Socks, loafers and floral dresses can look childish depending on how you dress them. In this case, choose a floral dress in a soothing color.

If you choose long style, it is recommended for adult women in their 20s and 30s. In addition, wearing a white shirt on top can enhance feeling of cleanliness. Also, using a white shirt as a top, you can add neatness. This is a stylish outfit that will look elegant and tidy even in office.

[White] 3 sets of office casual wear with socks ① White socks and matching brown skirt

We'll start with an office casual look, consisting of a lace top and matching colored socks, and a brown wrap skirt. The emphasis is on creating a fresh feminine look with a polka dot belt.

If it's brown, it won't be taken lightly in office, so a flared skirt is recommended for a feminine impression. If you combine other accessories with black, you can create a calm atmosphere.

② Combination of colored flared skirt, socks and flats.

Second - white socks and flats to add lightness to legs. Pair white socks with silver flats for a simple look.

Black sweater and orange flared skirt. However, there are too many NG colors in office. In this case, you can enjoy casual office wear without drawing attention by choosing a subdued color.

③ White socks x top x matching suspender skirt

The third style is a combination of white socks and loafers, clean and tidy, and a skirt with suspenders. A white top with a dress and a top can create an elegant atmosphere.

Brown loafers and white socks create a delicate atmosphere and attract attention. Wear it with a base color as it won't stand out in the office.

Okay, this time I'll introduce it to everyone here. If you like more phrases, don't forget to pay attention!