"Uniqlo & GU" can become cute in seconds on a busy weekday morning

Single women are a reliable ally of women who are on road every day. Loved by fashionistas, Uniqlo & GU are designing one-piece dresses this summer! So this time, Huanguoguo Fashion brings you "Uniqlo & GU Dresses" that will make you look fashionable and feminine. Let's get a look!

[UNIQLO] Looks nice ♡ Simple dress

Uniqlo Flared Sleeve Draped Dress (Short Sleeve)

A simple dress with beautiful drapery and great mood. The V-neck design keeps shoulders neat, while gorgeous bell sleeves complete feminine look with ease.

The bodice is neatly cut, and hem is embellished with a flared detail for a cute look. Without a doubt, it will be perfect atmosphere for a weekday!

[Uniqlo] Porjo Joint ♡ Floral Flared Skirt

Paul & Joe Uniqlo Flared Dress (Short Sleeve)Collaborative product with popular women's brand PAUL & JOE. Feel urge to complete your clean and gorgeous summer look with Porjo's feminine floral print.

Not too short and not too long, it's nice to have a casual style with sneakers, and pumps give a pretty look so you can enjoy variety by switching to different types of Fashion shoes.

[GU] Simple but seasonal♡ Dress with rolled up sleeves

Combination dress in GU fabric (5/4 sleeves)

Combined dress made of different materials. The three-dimensional rolled sleeve design is simple yet cute.

It's good that sleeves with rolled up sleeves are very popular. Even if it's a simple thing, you can add Face of Year element just right♡

[GU]The shirt dress you want to wear on a hot day

GU shirt dress (half sleeve) Z+E

A clean shirt dress. The cutout design and logo at waist give it a clean look. It can also be used as a cover.

Not only does it look crisp and clean, it also looks great in terms of material! It's cool to touch and has UV protection so it's perfect for upcoming intense sun season.

[GU] Refreshing denim! layered dress

GU Tiered Denim Dress (5/4 Sleeve) Q

This is a layered summer denim dress. Puff sleeves and a voluminous silhouette add to appeal.

Because it's a light-colored denim, you'll feel cool and light in it. Of course, we recommend pairing this style with leggings and trousers.

Do you like 5 models above? Be sure to pay attention so you don't get lost!