Uniqlo's "beautiful t-shirt" technique, this year's "French sleeves" is correct answer.

If hot weather continues, you'll want to rely on T-shirts before you even know it. Even if it gets sweaty and dirty, you can safely wash it at home and it will dry instantly! Although it is a summer necessity, but it looks too casual, becomes formulaic, and there are many people who are concerned, right? So this time, let's introduce you to Uniqlo's "French Sleeve (Short Sleeve) Sports Cotton T-shirt" and introduce you to phrases OK and NG that look great on this T-shirt.

This time, Uniqlo t-shirt in plain cotton with French sleeves (short sleeve) was right fit. Black color.

If you want to dress up nicely, we definitely recommend French sleeves for a less casual look!

The neck is not very high, which allows you to see collarbone. The material is smooth, making it perfect and comfortable item to wear on a hot summer day.

Wrong match

Of course denim looks great! However, some ingenuity was required.

Thus, loose tops and casual sandals will make people feel indescribably lazy.

The correct phrase is one

When paired with jeans, it is recommended to slightly tuck front of top into jeans and pair it with heeled sandals to add femininity. Then impression will change completely! Combined with a pouch, it makes an elegant impression.

The correct word combination is two

Pair it with colored pants without a doubt! I feel like I can be closer to fashionistas just by wearing colored pants. Pair it with a French-sleeved t-shirt and smart casual trousers, and you can easily complete a beautiful look without any discomfort.

Correct match three

French sleeve t-shirts look great with soft floral pleated skirts!

The neckline of T-shirt won't be too narrow, so you can pair it with a bamboo bag and leather slippers for a laid-back casual look.

The correct phrase is four

Is lace skirt with a top not too embossed? Often makes a good impression.

A white bag paired with all black makes a cute impression.