Milky knitted cardigan is perfect for autumn.

You feel that owner of such a knitted top will not be bored all autumn! This is a short haircut that I love, it emphasizes length of the legs! Little people don't need to worry about not being able to wear it.

The V-neck design makes face appear smaller, but it can also reshape neck line very well! At same time, there is also a faint sense of temptation by some of little women, which is seductive and free. Kill three birds with one stone!

The design of whole piece is blank front and back, which looks mysterious yet elegant. The button is also a specially customized wrapper button that is designed with a lot of heart!

The version is relatively loose, very lazy and comfortable, and bbs of all shapes can wear it on go and at home!

This dress is in two colors:

Purple is a very mysterious color, advanced and beautiful. Insecure people will walk around with a smile on their face and prop up their chests. Confident people will become more elegant when they wear it like a warm current. Come .

A white knitted cardigan, when worn correctly, can not only create a sense of cleanliness, but also emphasize fashion. Because it is very simple, it is not too exaggerated to wear in the office, you can feel rich, mature and calm, and can also give people a fashion sense without distance.

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