Wear it casually and lightly, and wear it incorrectly and casually carelessly! 5 "magic" dressing techniques

Do many girls think that a boyfriend t-shirt with wide pants, such a boyish style is called loose-fitting? Actually, no! There are also many sweet, temperamental or sweet and cool clothing styles that can also be included in loose clothing! Today I'm going to teach you 5 ways to dress loose for fairies. If you use these items correctly, you can also wear a comfortable pair that can be salty, sweet, and slim!

1. Knitted top + wide leg trousers

Like knitted tops, they are very suitable for early autumn. With loose and skin-friendly material, people will feel better when they wear them! When choosing a classic striped knit top, you can combine bottom of body with plain wide trousers. The color of knitted top is better to choose some bright wine red and goose yellow, it will look better!

2. Long knitted vest + pleated skirt

It's time to put on your knitted vests again. When you go out today and find that the weather is a bit chilly, you can opt for a long knitted vest to accent your outfit! Girls who love cute and cool style can try wearing a long knit vest + pleated leather skirt + high-top converse. Girls who love Korean culture and youth can add a white t-shirt inside and choose a pleated skirt. super fashion boots!

3. White shirt + pants

A simple and loose white shirt can also make you look like a fairy when you wear it! Wearing a more translucent white shirt with light-colored pants can not only cover up your body and make you slimmer, but also show off your spiciness. Girls, hurry up to learn! You can also wear a long white shirt with jeans to make you feel Japanese!

4. Long skirt

Skirts are very suitable for girls with a pear shape, but remember that you should not choose an option that is too close to hips, and a looser fit can be adjusted! Choose a pink V-neck top or an oatmeal sweater for top, and you'll be able to perfectly show off elegant and intelligent outfits!

5. Shirt dress

A shirt skirt can also create a casual and casual outfit! And it's also a must-have for lazy~ If you want to make shirt dress more layered, you can wear a contrast color sweater or a long sleeve top paired with white pumps for a very academic look! Or opt for a cute bag + fisherman's hat, which will also help to highlight flair of shirt skirt!

Above are 5 ways to dress loose but not casual! Such a loose outfit can hide body and make you slimmer, and it is also comfortable to wear Please write down above outfit formula!