The classic checkered button down shirt is actually soft and cute.

This year I introduced you to a lot of striped items, there are really a lot of them, haha! You can see how much I love stripes every day! Furious dash! Sisters who love stripes should check out this striped shirt!

Not only because of my own preferences, but also because I really enjoy wearing it!

Although they are called "stripes" for short, many shirts have been adjusted in shape and stripes, and details have changed a lot, and wearing effect has also changed a lot!

Let's first talk about this striped shirt that has been upgraded many times over. Colorblock checkered striped buttons full of playfulness

It won't give people stiff feeling of regular shirts. This time, buttons are a carefully crafted special TE setting.

There is a leather JM logo on chest, and main color of shirt is a relatively simple and elegant light color. If details are cumbersome, body design should be clean and simple so as not to appear complicated. , The overall style is more elegant.

jmwomen button-down plaid striped shirt women's loose lazy style 2021 spring and autumn collared POLO shirt ¥118 buy

Put on a simple and elegant sweater that is very soft and delicate. You can't hide high feeling of casually wearing this shirt,

This is a beautiful dress that every girl can wear