Not 30 yet, but with a bunch of spots? Quickly Fix These 4 Bad Habits That Cause Freckles

Whitening and spot removal has become one of most important beauty trends for women nowadays. However, due to many factors such as UV rays, stress and age, it is very difficult to detect that spots on face are getting longer and bigger and color is getting darker. Recently, temperature is getting higher and higher, and skin is also easily irritated , causing skin sensitivity and inflammation. Therefore, this article reminds everyone to avoid these 4 bad habits of spotting and darkening as much as possible!

Freckle-Prone Habit 1: When you see pimples and pimples, you can't help but pop

During extrusion, blood vessels of skin dilate due to inflammation, and then pigmentation is formed. Also, if circulation and metabolism are poor, melanin metabolism will be difficult and it may become blotchy.

Not 30 yet, but with a bunch of spots? Quickly Fix These 4 Bad Habits That Cause Freckles
Blemish-Prone Bad Habit 2: The skin is often exposed to high temperatures.

In addition to avoiding ultraviolet rays, when skin is in a very hot place (eg spa sauna, hot yoga), it is easy to stimulate pigment cells to synthesize melanin, and spots form over time.

Bad habit 3, because of which freckles appear: frequent late nights, irregular work and rest schedules.

If body does not get enough sleep for a long time, it will slow down metabolism of skin, proliferate free radicals in body and imbalance immune system, and may also cause pigmentation, dark spots and other symptoms.

Bad Habit 4 That Causes Pimples: Applying Sunscreen Incorrectly

Exposure to strong ultraviolet rays not only irritates skin, causing it to become sensitive and inflamed, but also promotes production of melanin, which in turn causes spots.