Remember Liang Yulin's "My Secret Garden"? At 40, skin is still tender and girlish.

Do you still remember idol drama "My Secret Garden" that aired 19 years ago? The performance made Lin Yichen, Yang Jinhua, Liang Yulin and Zhang Tianlin popular again, and innocent image of Liang Yulin, who played "Lin Wenjing", became even more popular, but Liang Yulin rarely appeared in front of screen after getting married and having children that she became second treasure mom after a long time, but from photos she still looks full of girlish temperament, and she even dated "My Secret Garden" before. seemed to have eaten fruit of frozen age, so that people fall into memory, killing in an instant!

Remember Liang Yulin's "My Secret Garden"? At 40, skin is still tender and girlish.
Liang Yulin's debut in "The Blue Door" was made popular by "My Secret Garden".

When it comes to classic Taiwanese youth love films, many people think of "Blue Gate" starring Gui Longmei and Chen Bolin, but in fact "Liang Shuhui", who played Gui Longmei's love interest in play, was also very a popular actor at time. How about Liang Yulin, who was still using her real name at time! After gaining popularity, Liang Yulin also starred in many idol dramas one after another. Among them, "My Secret Garden" became popular with three heroines, including Ariel Lin, Yang Jinhua, and Liang Yulin. Lin Wenjing is even more impressive!

Although Lin Yichen and Yang Jinhua are still hard at work in entertainment industry in recent years, and Liang Yulin has rarely appeared in front of screen since her wedding in 2013, good relationship between main actors has not faded. A group photo from a dinner party has been published, which shocked all netizens: how these actors have not changed at all since ten years ago!

Remember Liang Yulin's "My Secret Garden"? At 40, skin is still tender and girlish.
Liang Yulin's 40-year-old high school role without violations and service secrets has attracted attention.

Now that two children have grown up, Liang Yulin also gradually began to participate in drama productions. She has played the heroine in vintage dramas before, from high school to adult. Surprisingly, Liang Yulin played at a high level. schoolgirl There is no violation at all, and it is absolutely impossible to imagine that she is a 40-year-old second mother! Let's take a look at her frozen age care secrets today!

Remember Liang Yulin's "My Secret Garden"? At 40, skin is still tender and girlish.
"My Secret Garden" by Liang Yulin, maintenance secret 1: remove make-up thoroughly

Celebrity women often have to wear makeup throughout day. In fact, it takes a heavy toll on skin in long run, which is why Liang Yulin understood importance of removing makeup from a young age. When she gets home, she will first remove it with a gentle eye and lip makeup remover. Make-up on whole face, and then massage face with cleansing oil to wash away makeup residue, especially around eyes, it will especially enhance massage, which can promote blood circulation and reduce pigmentation!

"My Secret Garden" by Liang Yulin, skin care secret 2: use acid to shrink pores

Liang Yulin, who has mixed skin, is usually most concerned about her T-zone, which is prone to enlarged pores and excessive sebum production, so she always prepares a bottle of salicylic acid essence on her dressing table and applies it locally to skin. acne prone skin. Pore ​​parts can improve oil secretion, and also have a good effect on shrinking pores!

"My Secret Garden" Liang Yulin's Secret of Maintenance 3: Use Introductory Device Properly to Increase Maintenance Absorption

Currently, summer weather is very hot, and skin care products often cannot be fully absorbed upon application. and she can also massage skin during process. Improve your complexion!

"My Secret Garden" by Liang Yulin, Maintenance Secret 4: Housework as an exercise

Liang Yulin once said in an interview that since childhood she liked to do housework with her mother. In addition to secretly learning a lot of cleaning tips, she also developed a habit of moving when she sees dust. Therefore, at home, she cannot be free at all, and because of this non-stop movement, even if Liang Yulin did not specifically go to gym, in long term, muscle lines developed on her arms and she kept her shape. slim figure for years to come!

When you see Liang Yulin, do you feel memories of all kinds of idol dramas from that time? And from that cute little girl to when she became a second mother, Liang Yulin has always maintained a super tender girlish appearance that is truly enviable!