Try a "knitted vest" in fall, it will look thinner and more fashionable.

The knitted vest is more fitted. The biggest advantage of a knitted vest is its softness and tenderness. Comfortable to wear and very textured. Great for people of all ages, best for elderly and children. If you love sports, a knitted vest is one of fashion items you must have.

1. Basic

The basic knitted vest can be called easiest to manage, it is easy to match with various styles of clothing. For those girls who love to wear it very much, this is a very practical and versatile type. This simple yet stylish vest features a variety of colors and patterns on shoulders and cuffs to enhance overall sense of style and make overall shape more layered. Adding an undershirt inside vest will make overall look more casual and add some flair to overall look. Another small highlight of this vest is that its neckline is also very special. The neckline is made by 3D flower design, which looks very cute and delicate. A pair of skinny jeans and a pair of white pumps will easily create a youthful look.

Try a "knitted vest" in fall, it will look thinner and more fashionable.
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2. Outerwear

A knitted vest and coat are optional. Knitted vests and jackets can be worn together for a trendy look. We recommend wearing a combination of two jackets, or choose a pair of sneakers and high heels to show youthful energy, and two different styles of knitted vests can give people different feelings, you can choose a looser style. Of course, we recommend a long knitted vest that will keep you cool. The knitted vest and long coat can also be worn with a sense of campus style and college style to make people look full of energy. If you choose a solid color knitted vest, you can also choose a color to match color of coat to break monotony.

Try a "knitted vest" in fall, it will look thinner and more fashionable.
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3. Average length

The length of this vest is about 2 cm at shoulder, which can cover shoulder fat well. Also, this length is suitable for women with broad shoulders. A mid-length vest with a sweater or down jacket is a very good choice. You can choose it according to your preference when you fit it. You don't choose your figure at all, and it is very versatile. You can easily control it, whether at work or in daily life!

Try a "knitted vest" in fall, it will look thinner and more fashionable.
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  • 4. Casual styles
  • Simple jersey, but not too tight. If you're worried you'll look fat if you're too tight, you can also pair them with a pair of leggings. If it's short, you can pair it with a double slit skirt. Knitted knitted vests in style of a sweater can not only warm well, but also visually make you slimmer, make you slimmer.
  • Try a "knitted vest" in fall, it will look thinner and more fashionable.
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