You should also pay attention to wearing a bra, a small thing to do every day!

The bra is one of main items of underwear in a woman's daily life. It can not only protect health of breast, but also beautify figure. But do you know how to wear a bra? Next, let's take a closer look.

You should also pay attention to wearing a bra, a small thing to do every day!

First of all It is very important to choose right bra size. If bra size is not suitable, it will cause tightness and protrusion of breast, and even affect health of breast. Therefore, when buying a bra, be sure to measure girth of bust and bottom and choose right size.

Second, when putting on a bra, pay attention to how to wear it correctly. First, fasten back buckle of bra, then adjust straps to a comfortable position, not too tight and not too loose, and finally gently lift your chest with your hands to fill your chest with bra cup.

In addition to correct way of wearing, style of bra is also very important. Different styles of bras are suitable for different occasions and outfits. For example, a tank top is suitable for casual wear such as bodycons and t-shirts, while a strapless bra is suitable for clothing such as off-the-shoulder dresses and slip dresses.

In addition, material of bra also needs attention. Generally speaking, cotton bras are breathable, comfortable, and suitable for everyday wear, while silk or lace bras are suitable for more formal occasions.

Finally, don't forget to change your bra to a clean one every day. Because after a day of wearing bra will be stained with sweat and dirt, and if it is not replaced in time, bacteria will multiply in it and this will affect health.

In short, wearing right way and choosing right bra style and material can make you feel more confident and comfortable. At same time, changing a clean bra every day is also an important measure to maintain health. I hope this article will help you become a more confident and beautiful woman.