Hygiene Products丨 Suit Folding and Packing Guide

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When you go to customize a costume, craftsmen suggest hanging costume on a hanger when you're not wearing it, but then again! Who is not a business person who is engaged in tailoring suits? It is also customary to travel in a suit! Therefore, for people who travel often, how to pack a suit in a suitcase is a very painful problem. After all, you can’t take an ironing machine with you every time you go on a trip. Folding suits are indispensable, today I will share with you how to fold suits! three methods! (Collection of haberdashery!)

▼When we go on business or on a trip, we usually take small suitcases with us. The problem then is that clothes cannot be laid out flat and put into box, so in order for suit to be relatively flat when taken out, number of tight folds in suit must be reduced.

Hygiene Products丨 Suit Folding and Packing Guide

Notes during folding process:

When folding your clothes this way, make sure your torso has room to move when you lift it up, otherwise shoulders of clothes can easily collapse into deep folds. If there is a nylon spring strap in middle of suitcase, seventh step can fold clothes on nylon spring strap. Also, when folding, make sure that all parts are even. It is recommended to fold it on a smooth table or bed.

▼The second way to fold suit is to continue method of folding shirt.

Hygiene Products丨 Suit Folding and Packing Guide

This method is suitable for regular fit light clothing. The biggest problem with this folding method is that there will be wrinkles when folded again, but folds will be ordered and staggered, with little effect on shape of garment. This method of folding is recommended partly because it's easy to learn and partly because it's very practical when luggage is overcrowded.

▼The roll method is my favorite method.

Hygiene Products丨 Suit Folding and Packing Guide

Because it's very useful. Suitable for organizing other clothes at home, such as jeans, sportswear and more. Put T-shirts, underwear, and other items with your suit, roll them up, and put them in trunk. But during rolling process, pay attention to smoothness of bend as much as possible, and don't put too much stuffing in middle. This way, there are fewer wrinkles when unbuttoning clothes, and I didn't fold them at all! However, this method takes up more space. Small bag lovers, take note.


1. If you're traveling with a large suitcase, it's best not to fold your suit! Fold two sleeves inward, as if arms were stretched out and naturally crossed in front of chest when worn, then fold garment in half up and down and put it in suitcase!

2. Minimize number of folds. If you need to fold, fold as much as possible along clothing line.

3.When placing costume in a suitcase, it is best to put it from inside out, so as not to cause wear on outer color of costume< /strong> !

4. Go to hotel and hang up suit. A good suit can recover from small wrinkles over a period of time. If you want to hurry, hang up suit and put it in bathroom. Turn on hot water and close door And don't let suit get wet, just let suit completely absorb heat of suit for 2 minutes, take it out and hang it up. Because wool suits are made from animal fibers, they can absorb water and have a natural regeneration effect. Leaving this to hotel professionals is also best choice!

If you have a suit, of course you can't do without a shirt! Finally, let's talk about shirt folding method:

Hygiene Products丨 Suit Folding and Packing Guide

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