10 tips for men wearing a suit (rules for wearing a suit)

10 tips for men wearing a suit (rules for wearing a suit)

How to choose a suit and how to wear it is science of how to dress and match

How to wear formal wear for men

In general

Choose right version of costume, pay attention to matching details

In addition to stylish design, you won't get bored in what you wear

10 tips for men wearing a suit (rules for wearing a suit)

1. When wearing a dress, it is best to wear a white shirt, black tie, black socks and black leather shoes for lower body;

2. If you wear casual clothes, it is recommended to match upper and lower body in same color, and fabric should be same. If it is a formal occasion, no more than three colors can be worn on entire body of costume;

3. When wearing a tie, knot must be tightened and neck of tie must be fastened, and outer strip of tie must be longer than inner;

4. The tie must be worn over a hard-necked shirt, it must be in harmony with shirt and suit, and its length must reach belt buckle;

5. When wearing a sweater or vest, tie must be placed inside them;

6. Pants from a suit with an inner hem show off long legs, which can change proportions;

7. When wearing a single-breasted suit, you can fasten top button or not, and you can also fasten inner one; when wearing a double-breasted suit, you should fasten two buttons, with at least one button below. grain;

8.The top pocket of suit is not suitable for ball and fountain pens, in formal occasions it can be combined with a beautiful pocket square.

9. Suit pockets should not be too big. Keep your hands out of your jacket pockets when walking.

10. Finding it difficult to choose a suit and shirt? A very simple combination of colors, if you are afraid of trouble, it is recommended to choose white and light blue.