How to choose color of workwear for different enterprises?

More and more companies are paying more and more attention to customization of work clothes. When customizing, choice of work clothes color is especially critical in work. How to choose color of work clothes? How to choose workwear to order in different industries? Let's take a look with the SUITISM editor:

How to choose color of workwear for different enterprises?
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1. How to choose color of workwear to order

1. Workwear The color of workwear should be designed in accordance with corporate culture, logo and core concepts in order to select compatible colors. If a company is not explicit about color, this can also be seen from other aspects, such as work environment. If brand image is important, milky white will do. Of course, we can also choose according to season, for example, for hot summer, work clothes can be light or cool colors with low saturation and high color purity, such as dark blue and dark gray.

2. The dark blue color always gives people a sense of reason and stability. We see many companies choose dark blue work clothes to convey spirit of company; Considering color, it tends to be dominated by dark browns, such as gray black , turquoise, etc. This color has a deep visual effect, rich color and more lasting.

How to choose color of workwear for different enterprises?

Secondly, how to choose color of work clothes in different industries

1. Salesperson: The feeling that a salesperson should convey to customers must be "reliable", and black and brown can achieve this feeling.

2. Help Desk Staff: In online customer service where zero distance from consumers is required, light yellow or creamy white is appropriate. This color will make you more "contagious" and attractive.

3. Financial industry employees: believe that atmosphere and sense of stability are messages that financial industry should convey, and light gray color can be just right for this requirement.

4. Medical staff: Candid, easy-going and gentle - one of factors that eliminate anxiety and anxiety of patients. The psychological impression of light green and light pink is simply gentle. Many hospitals have adopted this color.

5. Media personnel: The communication industry has always made a bright and interesting impression on people, so of course there are fewer restrictions on suitable colors such as pink, lavender, black and other colors that can display image of industry. .

How to choose color of workwear for different enterprises?