The strategy of wearing a men's shirt in workplace, be most handsome guy at work

Shirts are an indispensable thing for every man in workplace. A simple combination can show taste and style of a man. Especially shirts made to order in a specialty store are of perfect quality in terms of touch, fit and fit.

The strategy of wearing a men's shirt in workplace, be most handsome guy at work

As far as "fitting" is concerned, key is to capture exact size that "custom tailoring" is required to achieve. If you want to become a god man in formal wear and be most handsome boy in workplace, I suggest that you take a look and learn about details of wearing men's shirts. The following five points will be introduced for you from collar, shoulders, chest, sleeves and clothing length Details .

1. Collar. As a rule, formal shirts have various cutouts, so how to determine size of collar, we need to fasten top button first, if collar can be attached to skin of neck. Keep it closed so you don't pull on collar as you turn your head and allow one or two fingers to slide smoothly between your neck and collar so that collar is right size.

2. Shoulders - The shoulders of shirt are similar to jacket of suit. The shoulder line of cut should be smooth, and end should be at junction of shoulder blade and collarbone, that is, near acromion. Everyone's body shape is different. If there is a hunchback, chest, etc., then it will most likely damage shoulder line and create unnecessary creases around collarbone or rib position. In this case, it is recommended to adjust it, because a custom-made shirt will cut rotator cuff more accurately according to measurement parameters.

3. Chest and Waist—A well-fitting shirt should have a clean and tidy front. . . . A margin of about 1 cm will not cause excessive creases in chest and waist of shirt, and is more tolerant of amount of activity.

4. Sleeves. Generally speaking, we can consider by armhole, sleeve thickness and sleeve length. To judge if armhole fits, you can observe it during exercises: when arm swings to 45 ° in both directions, it should not pull too much on breast tissue until tension is felt.

The fat on sleeves should support a gentle contraction from bicep down. The arms naturally hang down and if sleeves are too thick there will be unnatural folds that will look drawn out, if too tight elbows will be pinched and arms bent will be uncomfortable.

In terms of sleeve length, arms are naturally relaxed on both sides of body. When cuffs are undone, cuffs of correct sleeve length should be on tiger's mouth between thumb and forefinger; when cuff is buttoned buttoned up, edge of cuff will be at wrist. A position about 1cm lower ensures that when you stretch your body, cuffs don't move up and expose too much of your arm.

5. Clothing length. When wearing a formal shirt, end of shirt is usually tied inside trousers. If shirt is too long, crotch will bulge after being tucked into pants. If it's too short, hem will easily run out. Regular lengthA dress shirt should cover at least half of crotch, and length of back should cover only buttocks.

The strategy of wearing a men's shirt in workplace, be most handsome guy at work

I'll share it here today, I hope the above explanation helps everyone, pay attention to us and upgrade your dressing skills from time to time~